In response to LCI’s “Lions in Sight Project,” an initiative to get Lions out in front of the public to become more recognized, Lion Rich Roberts, at the January 6, 2010 regular meeting of the Thalia Lions Club, suggested the club adopt a strip of roadway and commit to picking up trash. This is an “Adopt a Highway” program through the City of Virginia Beach. The motion was made and the vote carried. In March 2010, the Thalia Lions Club pledged to the City of Virginia Beach to perform 12 clean-ups over a 2 year period on a 1.8 mile stretch of Bonney Road. The club’s assigned area runs from where Thalia holds meetings (Crowne Plaza Hotel, 4453 Bonney Road, Virginia Beach) to the intersection of Bonney Road and Rosemont Road. The City of Virginia Beach recognized Thalia’s efforts to improve the cleanliness of the city by placing signs at each end of Thalia’s area that display Thalia’s club's name.

See 24D’s new "green blog" @ http://lionsgreenroom.blogspot.com.

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