June 17, 2014 - Taking over from Lion Rich Roberts (right) is Lion Aziz Selahi  (left)  inducted as President of Thalia Lions by District Governor Lion Stan Furman. This is the Thalia Lions Club's 49th year of service to the Thalia Community.

"Welcome to the Thalia Lions Club. Please call on me @ 486-6633 or email azizselahi123@gmail.com. Thank you Lion Rich for your dedication and service this past year. I pledge to continue with the high quality of service our members have provided to the Hampton Roads community."
Lion Aziz Selahi

Where Does Thalia Lions Club Fit In?
* Lions Club International (LCI) - http://lionsclubs.org/EN/index.php and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lions_Club - has 45,000 clubs and 1.3 million members in 201 countries around the world making the members of Thalia Lions Club part of the world's largest service club organization. * Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) –
LCIF, the official charitable Foundation of LCI, helps to fund Lions humanitarian projects.
* Lions of Virginia - http://www.lionsofvirginia.org/
* Our district - District 24D (one of six districts in Virginia) web page is @ http://www.lions-of-virginia-24d.org/ and http://lions-of-virginia-24d.org/Club_Links.html. The “Knights Vision” newsletter for up-to-date 24D information is located @ http://www.lions-of-virginia-24d.org/Knight_s_Vision.html
For a list of clubs in 24D and those with web sites please see http://www.lions-of-virginia-24d.org/Club_Links.html
* Our region - Region III (16 clubs) (one of three regions under 24D)
* Thalia Lions Club is under Zone "G" (6 clubs) (one of three zones - "E," "F," and "G" under Region III). Region III was reorganized in 2010 and some web sites may show the old organization.

Next Meeting

Aug 6th 2014 is the next Regular Meeting of the Thalia Lions Club at the Hilton Garden Inn, Town Center, 252 Town Center Dr., Virginia Beach, with Happy Hour at 6 pm in the bar room followed by dinner and program at 6:30 pm.

The Thalia Lions meet on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. 

On April 17, 2013 Thalia Lions voted to make the Hilton Garden Inn their permanent meeting place and will no longer meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 4453 Bonney Road, VA Beach.

Traveling Leos welcome.


Aug 6th (Wed) – Regular Meeting

Aug 13, 2014 (Wed) - Lions Medical Eye Bank (LMEB) annual meeting and dinner.  Although you need to respond individually to the eye bank, please let Lion John know when you have made your reservation after mailing your check for $35/person to the Lions Medical Eye Bank, 600 Gresham Dr, Norfolk, VA 23507. Lion John will be making arrangements for Thalia to be at one table.

Aug 14, 2014 (Thurs) - Eyeglass Recycling,  2040 Broadmoor Ave, Chesapeake. Meet there at 10 a.m. or at Best Buy lot at 9:30am

Aug 18, 2014 (Mon) – Blood Drive at Virginia Beach Christian Church

Oct 4, 204 11:00 (Sat) - 2:00 pm - Bid ‘n Buy Auction,  Oak Grove United Methodist Church 472 N. Battlefield Blvd, Chesapeake.

Meetings 2015


The Thalia Lions Club of Virginia Beach, Virginia, held a special Board Meeting at the Hilton Garden
Inn, on July 16, 2014, following the Regular Meeting. The meeting was called to order at 8:20p.m. by
President Lion Aziz Selahi who acted as chairman, with the following board members and regular
members in attendance:
Lion Richard Roberts,
Lion Debra Laughlin, 3rd
Lion Roger Snell, visitor
Lion Bob Perrine, visitor
Lion Nancy Watters, 2nd VP
Lion John Watters, visitor
Lion Vickie Kennedy, Treasurer
Lion Linda Harrison, Director
Lion Irene Conlin, 1st VP
Lion Stan Furman, TailTwister
Lion Mike Coren, visitor
Lion Jeri Furman, visitor
Lion Susie Sumnick, visitor
Minutes of Business Meeting
The meeting was called to order at 8:20 p.m. by Lion President Aziz Selahi.
1. Treasurer’s Report, Lion Vickie Kennedy: We discussed the budget for the upcoming
year. We line by line through last year’s budget and made adjustments based on what we
anticipate to happen this year. We will likely need to find another fundraiser for our
activities account. Lion Vickie will complete this year’s budget based on the board’s
adjustments and then submit it to the board for review. Upon approval, the club secretary
will submit our budget to the District Governor and Cabinet Secretary.
2. The District Governor’s official visit will be August 20th. The Region III meeting will be
Thursday October 16th.
3. Lion President Aziz Selahi wants to engage local media in order to raise the visibility of
the club. Lion Debra Laughlin discussed the possibility of getting on the Hampton Roads
show since we work with them on Visionwalk. We could promote the Charity Foundation
bid-buy auction on the show as well as discuss the things we do in the community. We
discussed places where we could display flyers. We do this at the Head Start locations and
we could expand it to hospitals and the VA Aquarium.
4. As in years past, we will have a pool party in lieu of a regular meeting on September 3rd.
We will have our holiday party in lieu of a regular meeting on December 17th.
5. The Hilton Garden Inn presented us with the contract for the next year. We are obligated a
minimum 20 people per meeting. The costs increased slightly to almost $17 per person.
The board decided to continue charging members $16 per person at meetings since our
admin fund is strong and the hotel generally undercharges us (If we tell them 20 people
will show up, but 21 or 22 come they only charge us for 20).
Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.
Respectfully submitted:
Lion Rich Roberts, Secretary
Attachment: None
The regular meeting of the Thalia Lions Club of Virginia Beach, VA, was called to order on July 16,
2014, by Lion President Aziz Selahi at 6:30pm at the Hilton Garden Inn, Town Center, Virginia Beach,
VA, with those members in attendance as shown on the Attendance Record and Guest Register.
Transcribed below is what happened at the meeting.
Call to Order at 6:30pm
1 Guests
19 Members
51 Percent
Recessed for Dinner: 6:34pm
Reconvened: 7:00 pm
Introduction of Guest Speaker: Lion Nancy Watters introduced Lauren Stacy from the Therapy
Lauren has a doctorate in physical therapy. She spoke to the club about how and why people become
more susceptible to falls as they age and how to prevent them. Measurements are taken to determine
balance and then assess fall risk. The key factors in determining fall risks are cognitive factors,
physiological factors, biomechanical factors, motor control factors, and environmental/functional factors.
1/3 of people of 65 fall. 2/3 of people over 65 have a near fall (catch yourself). Falling is the leading cause
of injury for the elderly. Proper diet and exercise are key in mitigating fall risks. Lauren recommends at
least 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Any type of activity is good, but a mixture of endurance,
strength, balance, and flexibility training is most effective.
Lion Bob brought up the point that learning how to fall is also important. He demonstrated proper falling
technique in the front of the room. Lion Nancy snapped a photo of Lion Bob on the ground for those
Lion Aziz prepared a slide show movie with pictures set to music from our recent events. The first movie
showed pictures from charter night and the second showed pictures from the Youth Exchange dinner.
RAM – Lion John Watter. 7 people representing Thalia are leaving for Wise County tomorrow.
If you plan on going next year, you should look to book your lodging arrangements now. RAM
should be the 3rd week in July.
Lion Medical Eyebank Dinner – Lion John Watters. The annual member meeting is Aug. 13th.
Each club is a member of the eyebank. We need 10 members to reserve a full table. We will have
2 August meetings since the Eyebank dinner does not fall on a meeting night this year.
Youth Exchange Report – Lion Aziz. Lion Aziz gave the list of countries represented from the
youth exchange. The teens all introduced themselves and mingled with the club. One girl who had
a beautiful singing voice sang for the group. All had a great time. The three teens hosted by Lion
Debra for the last 3 weeks made her banners which represented their counties. Lion Stan spoke
about the Parade of Nations, where each teen gives a presentation on their country. Lion Stan
encouraged more club members to attend in the future.
Eyeglass Recycling – Lion Ed DeLong. 6 lions showed up. 380 pairs of glasses were turned in.
Lion Ed encouraged more members to attend. Lion Ed explained that the work is not difficult and
explained the recycling process.
Membership Drive – Lion Rich Roberts. Lion Rich presented Lion Steve’s membership plan.
Lion Steve wants to start a friendly competition. He divided the club into 3 teams with a captain
for each team. Teams are encouraged to invite guests to meetings. The first team to bring 3 guest
will win immunity from the tail twister for 2 months. The second team to bring 3 guests will get 1
month of immunity.
Diabetes Awareness – Lion Dick Kreassig. Lion Dick talked about the differences between
Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. He also brought up a recent NY Times op-ed which contained a lot
of incorrect information about diabetes.
Blood Drive/Broom Order – Lion Nancy Watters. We need help for the blood drive as well as
sell brooms/flags/umbrellas or anything else we can find. We sold out of brooms last year.
International Convention – CC Stan Furman. Lion Stan informed the club of a rule change
which allows a council chair to be terminated for cause. The club felt this rule might be prophetic
since Lion Stan is the council chair this year.
Lion Aziz Selahi presented Lion Jack Wagner with the Lion of the Year award.
Lion Irene Conlin asked the club for speaker ideas.
Secretary’s Report:
Lion Rich Roberts passed out District Directories to the cognizant Lions. Some other club
members wanted directories. They can purchase directories from PDG Barbara Senecal for $3.
Lion Rich, Lion Aziz, and CC Stan all offered to get club members contact information if they email
them with a request.
Lion Rich Roberts talked about a new incentive program for the 24-D charity foundation bid-buy
auction fundraiser. The bid-buy auction is the charity foundation’s biggest fundraiser. The charity
foundation does a lot for the district and the club, so it is important to support. The club can earn a
$250 service grant from the charity foundation by bringing 15 or more club members/guests to the
auction. The club can win a second $250 service grant in a raffle. The club will receive a raffle
ticket for each item donated to the auction which is greater than $50 in value.
Lion Rich Roberts discussed the Coastal Virginia Magazine’s giving back awards. The award is
won through a process of nomination and then a series of voting rounds. Lion Rich nominated
Thalia, but based on the number of votes the winning non-profits had last year, he suggested
nominating the District and then having the DG and Cabinet Secretary to encourage the clubs to
Lion Rich Presented Lion Debra Laughlin with an achievement award from LCI due to her work
to aid the blind and low-vision.
July Birthdays – Lion Rob Seim was not present. CC Stan Furman decided to proceed anyway. He set
up an empty chair and asked Lion President Aziz Selahi to choose the singer. Lion Aziz chose Lion Jim
Healy; however, he didn’t have to spend much to get out of it. The bidding quickly turned to Lion Nancy
Watters and Lion Bob Perrine. Both were determined not to sing and a fierce bidding war soon broke
out. In the end, the deep pockets of Lion Bob were too much for Lion Nancy who animatedly and
passionately sang Happy Birthday to the empty chair. $109 was collected.
50-50 Raffle: Tail Twister CC Stan Furman: $21 won by Lion Nancy Watters , $15 won by Lion
Jeri Furman, $8 won by Lion Jim Healy.
Meeting then adjourned at 8:15pm.
Respectfully submitted
Lion Rich Roberts, Secretary
Thalia Lions Club
Upcoming Events:
July 18th – 20th –RAM, Wise Co.
August 6th (Wed) – Regular meeting
August 13th (Wed) – Lions Medical Eye Bank Dinner
August 14th (Thurs) - Eyeglass Recycling, 2040 Broadmoor Ave, Chesapeake at 10:00am
August 18th (Mon) – Blood Drive at Virginia Beach Christian Church
August 20th (Wed) – Regular meeting (District Governor’s Official Visit
July 2, 2014. The regular meeting of the Thalia Lions Club of Virginia Beach, VA, was called to order on July 2, 2014, by Lion President Aziz Selahi at 6:30pm at the Hilton Garden Inn, Town Center, Virginia Beach, VA, with those members in attendance as shown on the Attendance Record and Guest Register.
Transcribed below is what happened at the meeting.

Call to Order at 6:30pm

Introduction of Guests:Lion Steve Rosnov introduced Dian “Buttercup” Rosnov. Lions Beth and Mack Stevens visited from The VB Blind Lions Club.

Song – Lion Rich Roberts led the theme to SpongeBob SquarePants
Pledge of Allegianceled by Lion Mike Coren
Invocation- given by Lion John Watters
3 Guests
15 Members  40 Percent
Recessed for Dinner: 6:34pm
Reconvened:   6:59 pm

Introduction of Guest Speaker:  Lion Nancy Watters introduced Region III Chair, Lion Beth Stevens

Lion Beth told a compelling and emotional story about losing her vision and how she became such an active Lion. In summary, she had a typical small-town childhood and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating, she desired to live near the beach and moved to the area. While volunteering, she met Lion Mack, and they quickly married. About one year into their marriage, she noticed her vision started becoming fuzzy. She sought medical attention and the optometrist informed her that she was legally blind in one year and low-vision in the other. The optometrist explained how the brain will compensate as your vision degrades and you won’t even notice a 15% reduction in your sight. After leaving the optometrist’s office, she worried about losing the ability to drive because driving is a symbol of independence; however, she soon learned that driving was the least of her worries. She was diagnosed with retinal degeneration but the doctors could not figure out the cause or the cure. She was involved in many studies at John Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania which were funded by the Foundation for Fighting Blindness. Since all of this was happening so early in her marriage, she began to fear that her husband would not want to deal with all of this and leave her. Fortunately these fears were not warranted and Lion Mack has stuck by her side for the last 22 years. During this time she kept her vision issues from her family because she feared how they would react. She felt she could just fix it and they would never need to know. She was told she wouldn’t lose all of her vision until she was an old lady; however, she lost all usable vision in less than 10 years. This was a time of indescribable emotional turmoil. She lost many friends finding that other people in their 20s and early 30s didn’t want to be around a disabled person because it made them uncomfortable. She also found some friends she didn’t expect who came to her aid and those individuals are real, lifelong friends. After losing all of her sight, she soon realized the biggest loss in her life was the ability to read. For a long time, the audio-books and readers from the Bayside Special Library was a lifeline for her. Since this happened before the internet explosion, it was hard for her to connect to others experiencing the same things as her. Eventually she was able to connect with the American Council for the Blind. She found the group sessions helpful. They tried to get her to use a white cane but she stubbornly resisted because she didn’t want to stand out. Soon after, she was attending a conference and found herself stranded in a 2nd floor room alone. She found herself contemplating whether to crawl down the stairs or wait and call for help. Eventually a man found her and she latched on to his arm so tight that she believes the circulation in his arm is still cut off to this day. After that experience, having a white cane did not seem as embarrassing. She began vision rehab in hopes of landing a job. She soon found herself facing discrimination for the first time in her life. People who get excited and invite her to an interview based on the strength of her resume; however, she could feel the energy get sucked out of the room when she showed up with a driver and a white cane. Technology for blind people was not as good or as portable back then which provided obstacles. She eventually found a job, with some help from friends, but co-workers during training kept encouraging her to quit and asking why she would want to work when she didn’t have to. Eventually she took another job with the Red Cross. She was paid $8/hr while paying a driver $5/hr to drive her car and she was buying the gas. She thinks she was probably netting $1/hr when it was all said in done, but she just wanted to work. Eventually she moved up with the Red Cross and managed a team with a million dollar fundraising goal. Lion Beth really enjoys descriptive movies, which adds additional audio to movies which explains the non-verbal scenes. There was a movie she wanted to see which was available as a descriptive movie; however, the movie theater she went to did not have it. She asked to talk to the manager and he agreed to get the descriptive movie. Apparently he had received this request before from the Blind Lions Club. This is how Lion Beth first got involved with the Lions. The manager asked if the club could train his staff on helping low-vision individuals. Lion Beth agreed to do it and now the club has a good relationship with the movie theater which offers more descriptive movies. The VB Blind Lions Club has 69 members, of which about half are blind. The Lions gave Lion Beth a family to belong to and she has been very active with her club and the district ever since.

Lion President Aziz thanked Lion Beth for sharing her story and presented her with a plaque of our appreciation. Lion President Aziz reiterated that we are all a family. He thanked Lion John for keeping the club informed on Lion Steve’s heart condition and wants a way of informing the club of what is going on with our wives, husbands, families, and selves. We agreed to send any such information to the club secretary to distribute to the club. Lion President Aziz stated that while we serve others, we much also serve each other as well.


Ø  Committee Assignments – Lion President Aziz Selahi – The committee assignments were sent out via email. Lion Aziz asked if there were any problems/objections to the assignments. The members agreed to the assignments.

Ø  Central Library Screening Report – Lion Nancy Watters – 4 lions were present. 25 children were screened with 8 referrals.

Lion Nancy also took the SPOT over to screen the homeless children which were being sheltered at her church. These are children without addresses so they get missed with our normal screenings. 11 children were screened with 2 referrals.

The district screened about 40K children this year with 6K referrals. Last year, we collected children’s books at dropped them off at the Head Starts as we did our screenings. This year Lion Nancy would like to branch out our book collections and distribute the books to hospital waiting rooms as well. She envisions each club adopting a hospital, but this is still in the works.

Ø  Blood Drive/Broom Order – Lion Nancy Watters – need help for the blood drive as well as sell brooms/flags/umbrellas or anything else we can find. We sold out of brooms last year.

Ø  International Youth Camp Meal, July 13th:  Lion Rich Roberts – Lion Rich will be at the District Meeting and Lion Aziz will be the man in charge at the youth camp.

The Menu will be:

Chicken –                               Lion Aziz
Coleslaw –                             Lion John & Nancy
Vegetarian Dish –       Lion Linda H.
Cheesy Potatoes –      Lion Cathy
Quinoa –                                 Lion  Bob
Cookies –                                Lion Vickie and Lion Linda E.
Bottles of Water –      Lion Vickie
Plates/Napkins/Forks – Lion John & Nancy
Jugs for lemonade –    Lion John & Nancy

Time will be 5:30pm on July 13th. Location is the Chapel at Virginia Wesleyan.

We expect to feed 30 teenagers.

Ø  Facebook Campaign – Lion Rich Roberts  - Lion Rich created a page a few years ago but he didn’t do anything with it. We are going to try to use the page to promote the club. In a week, we went from 29 likes to 87. A post about our eye screening programs was seen by 89 unique people. Lion Rich asked all who have Facebook to go like the page. More likes – more people seeing what we do. Lion Rich plans to post the club’s activities on the page on a regular basis. Lion Rich asked club members to e-mail him the things they are doing and to attach pictures whenever possible because pictures get seen by more people. He asked to club to like and share the post he puts on the page because that places the content on their timelines which then can been seen by their friends which will ultimately show them all the good work that we do and give the club positive publicity.

Ø  RAM – Lion John Watters – 7 club members are scheduled to travel to Wise Country for the Remote Area Medical project. Last year club members observed to tattered state of many of the recipients clothing and the district has been collecting underwear and children’s clothes to take and distribute at RAM.

Lion John also talked about the upcoming Lions Medical Eyebank dinner and board election. Each club is a member of the eybank and has a vote for the board members. More details to follow. 

Ø  Charter Night Awards – Lion Rich Roberts – Lion Debra was not present to receive her award. A stunned Lion Jack was informed he won Lion of the Year, but we didn’t have to trophy and will get it to him at a later date.

Ø  From the Floor –

Lion Jack Wagner informed the club that Samaritan House recognized the help our club provides to them in their newsletter. Lion Rich will scan the newsletter and distribute it to the club and make a post to the club’s facebook page.

Lion Ed DeLong reminded the club that eyeglass recycling is the second Thursday of each month. He stated that the same Lions show up each time and he encouraged more members to come and help.

Secretary’s Report:

Ø  Lion Rich informed the club that Malibu Elementary sent the club a nice card thanking us for the support we give to their nurse’s clinic each year. The club donates $200 each to the school clinics at Malibu ES, Kings Grant ES, and Thalia ES every year.
Ø  Lion Rich reminded the club about the first district cabinet meeting. Sunday, July 13th at 2pm. Brickhouse Auditorium at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

July Birthdays – Lion Rob Seim was not present.

50-50 Raffle:  Tail Twister (proxy) Lion John Watters:  $30 won by Lion Vickie Kennedy , $20 won by Lion Bob Perrine.

 Meeting then adjourned at 7:58pm.

Respectfully submitted

Lion Rich Roberts, Secretary
Thalia Lions Club

Upcoming Events:

Ø June 23rd (Mon) – Thalia Lions Central Library screening, 12:30pm – 2pm
Ø July 10th (Thurs) – Eyeglass Recycling, 2040 Broadmore Ave, Chesapeake at 10:00am
Ø July 13th (Sun) – Feed the international Lions youth camp, Va Weslyan College
Ø July 13th (Sun) – 1st District Cabinet Mtg, Norfolk General – Brickhouse Auditorium
Ø July 16th (Wed) – Regular Meeting
Ø July 18th – 20th –RAM, Wise Co.
Ø August 18th (Mon) – Blood Drive at Virginia Beach Christian Church

24-D News Letter

Knights Vision News Letter
for up-to-date 24D information @

Clubs are asked to document their service projects by sending articles to the Knights Vision with lots of pictures! This way Thalia Lions can let others know what is going on in the Thalia Club and our community. Help Lion Donnie Johnson in his goal to produce an exceptional District News Letter. He needs our support. Make sure you drop him a line every now and then and thank him for what he does for this District. This is a labor intensive project he does every month and we honor his dedication.

E-mail Lion Donnie Johnson  @ theknightsvision@cox.net  for input, articles, and thanks.

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Disrtict 24-D - http://lions-of-virginia-24d.org
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Region 3, Zone I: None

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