June 30, 2015 - Taking over from Lion Aziz Selahi  (right) is Lion Irene Conlin (left) inducted as President of Thalia Lions by District 24D Incoming 2nd Vice District Governor Lion Beth Stevens. Lion Irene begins Thalia Lions Club's 50th year of service to the Thalia Community.

"Welcome to the Thalia Lions Club. Please email me @ iconlin@hotmail.com. Thank you Lion Aziz for your dedication and service this past year. I pledge to continue with the high quality of service our members have provided to the Hampton Roads community."
Lion Irene Conlin

Where Does Thalia Lions Club Fit In?
* Lions Club International (LCI) - http://lionsclubs.org/EN/index.php and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lions_Club - has 45,000 clubs and 1.3 million members in 201 countries around the world making the members of Thalia Lions Club part of the world's largest service club organization.
* Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is the official charitable Foundation of LCI funding Lions' humanitarian projects. – http://lionsclubs.org/EN/lci-foundation/index.php
* Lions of Virginia - http://www.lionsofvirginia.org/
* Our district - District 24D (one of six districts in Virginia) web page is @ http://www.lions-of-virginia-24d.org/ and http://lions-of-virginia-24d.org/Club_Links.html. The “Knights Vision” newsletter for up-to-date 24D information is located @ http://www.lions-of-virginia-24d.org/Knight_s_Vision.html
For a list of clubs in 24D and those with web sites please see http://www.lions-of-virginia-24d.org/Club_Links.html
* Our region - Region III (16 clubs) (one of three regions under 24D)
* Thalia Lions Club is under Zone "G" (6 clubs) (one of three zones - "E," "F," and "G" under Region III). Region III was reorganized in 2010 and some web sites may show the old organization.

Next Meeting

Aug 5th 2015 (Wednesday) 6 p.m. is the next Thalia Lions regular dinner  / business meeting at the Hilton Garden Inn, Town Center, 252 Town Center Dr., Virginia Beach. 

Thalia Lions meet on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Happy Hour starts at 6 p.m. in the bar room followed by dinner and program at 6:30 p.m. Traveling Leos always welcome.

On April 17, 2013 Thalia Lions voted to make the Hilton Garden Inn their permanent meeting place and no longer meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 4453 Bonney Road, VA Beach.

Meetings 2015 - 2016

The Thalia Lions Club of Virginia Beach, Virginia, held a Board Meeting at Lion President Irene’s House, on July 29, 2015, following the Regular Meeting.  The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Lion President Irene Conlin who acted as chairman, with the following board members and regular members in attendance:
Lion Rich Roberts, Secretary
Lion Marvin Clemmons, 3rd VP

Lion Vickie Kennedy, Treasurer
Lion Linda Harrison, Director

Lion Mike Coren, Lion Tamer
Lion Steve Rosnov, Tail Twister
Minutes of Business Meeting
The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Lion President Irene Conlin. Lion Rich Roberts confirmed a quorum of directors (7) was present.

1.      Budget: The board discussed the admin budget and activity budget for the upcoming year. Most line items were budgeted based on actual values from the previous year. Dues were budgeted based on 34 regular members and 2 life members. Last year we budgeted $1,400 of income by the tail twister, but PCC Stan brought in $2,000. We budgeted $1,800 for this line item. Since we now pay a flat fee for meals, we can accurately budget our meal costs based on 21 meetings. In the past we have used the meals line item for charter night. The board decided to make this a separate line item to keep better track of expenditures. Very little changes in the Activity budget. We plan to do a total of 4 white canes this year to drive additional activity income as well as explore additional fundraising opportunities. Last year we made almost $2000 on the fruit sale, which was abnormally good. We generally make $800-$1000 on it and budgeted a $1,000 net profit again this year. There was some discussion on whether this fundraiser was worth the trouble, but since we did so well on it last year, we decided to continue with it for the time being. We added a line item to support JDRF. In the past, the board has approved a $100 expenditure for this and decided that we should put it in the budget. We also discussed the donations coming to honor Lion Ed. As of the board meeting, Lion Rich has received approximately $450. The board decided to earmark these donations to something specific to honor Lion Ed, preferably directed at the Bland contest. The details are yet to be worked out. The board adopted both the activity and admin budgets and Lion Vickie will distribute this year’s budgets to the club.
2.      50th Charter Night. We briefly discussed our 50th anniversary. PCC Stan is running with the project. The board agreed this project is too large to dump on 1 lion. Lion Nancy has been helping PCC Stan. We will get a few more lions to work as a committee under the direction of PCC Stan. We discussed the pins being developed for the 50th university. Lion Linda H. suggested we engage a local art school to help design the pins as a school project. The board collectively believed that the pins have already been designed, but the opportunity to engage the community is a great idea, so we suggested sponsoring a poster contest to commemorate the event.
3.      Committee Assignments.
a.       Sight Chair. Most positions are filled with 2 key holes, sight chair and program chair. Sight chair is a big job. Lion Linda H. believed that Lion Linda E. has a sight chair lined up, but wasn’t sure who it was. Lion John Watters has agreed to be on the committee to help, but doesn’t not want to serve as the chair. This is good because the committee really needs to be an actually committee and not just one lion doing everything as it has been in the past. Lion Irene is going to reach out to Lion Linda E. and find out who it is she has lined up.
b.      Program Chair. Finding two speakers a month is an arduous task. Having two speakers a month also causes meetings to go long with all the other business we do each meeting.  The board decided it would be more effective to host a speaker at the first meeting of the month. We would then shift doing birthdays to the second meeting of the month. We would also dedicate some time at the second meeting of the month to “club building activities”. This will be run by different club members, either to engage in feedback seeking ideation sessions with our members, conduct training, or showing LCI material such as videos. Lion Mike said he would take on the role of program chair and the other lions present all promised to support him.
c.       Extra Fundraising. Lion Steve is going to head up extra fundraising. He has looked into several different options with more information to come.
4.      Anthem Day of Service. Our club is going to help with 3 different projects in October. Our club is the lead for the VB schools backpack program. Lion Marvin agreed to take the lead on organizing this. Princess Anne is the lead club for building the greenhouse at Vanguard Landing, but our club is going to assist them. Lion Rich agreed to be the lead for our club on this project and will coordinate with Princess Anne. Town Center Blind Lions is heading up the Smiles across the Miles program, again with our help. Lion Vickie agreed to be the lead for our club on that project and will coordinate with the Town Center Blind Lions.
5.      BOD Vacancy. With the passing of Lion Ed, the board was left with a vacancy since Lion Ed was a 2-year director. According to Article XI of our constitution, the board of directors can appoint a Lion to fill a vacant position on the board by majority vote. The board elected to appoint PCC Stan to fill the remaining term as 2-year director.
6.      Next board meeting will be on Wed, Aug 26th. Potentially at Lion Steve’s house.

Meeting adjourned at 8:54 pm.
Respectfully submitted:
 Lion Rich Roberts, Secretary
 Attachment:  None

July 15, 2015 - The regular meeting of the Thalia Lions Club of Virginia Beach, VA, was called to order on July 15, 2015, by Lion President Irene Conlin at 6:30pm at the Hilton Garden Inn, Town Center, Virginia Beach, VA, with those members in attendance as shown on the Attendance Record and Guest Register.
Transcribed below is what happened at the meeting.

Call to Order at 6:30pm

Introduction of Guests: None

Song – Lion Marvin Clemmons
Pledge of Allegianceled by Lion Mike Coren
Invocation- given by Lion John Watters
     3  Guests
22 Members  
58 Percent

Recessed for Dinner: 6:35 pm
Reconvened:   7:00 pm

Program:  DG Ray Yanello
            DG Ray was thankful for the opportunity to attend the International Convention in Hawaii. He was shocked by the poverty he saw there. Over 7000 homeless live on the island due to high housing cost. A basement apartment can run 500K-1 million. The city allows people to live in tents in designated areas. They break the tents down during the day, pack them in their cars, and then set them back up at night. It is highly organized. His group contained DGs from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Turkey, Australia, New Guinea, Canada, and the US. We had some “ugly Americans” at the conference due to cultural insensitivity. Women in Korea join Lions because LCI direct Lions to recruit their spouses, but they don’t participate in club activities. Their membership is in name only. Lions in many of the above countries agree with this due to their culture and Americans need to be aware of it and understand it. Thalia was one of 36 clubs in the district to do all four centennial of service projects and DG Ray is confident we will do it again this year. LCI was expecting 50% participation, so the district exceeded expectations. DG Ray feels we have deviated far from basics in the district. We need to continue ask why we do things and eliminate waste and update our procedures. We need to continue the push to automate things, which was started by PCC Chet Krammer and reduce the burdens on the secretaries. As of right now, we are +1for membership in the district. We lost 7 (due to deaths) but gained 8. We need to eliminate the “we have always done it that way attitude” because what we have been doing is not working. DG Ray has eliminated the need to submit MMRs because it is redundant and the district officers have access to the information. He wanted to eliminate the achievement report, but couldn’t figure out a way to do it and stay abreast of what the clubs are doing/not doing. He mentioned the importance of continuous training. Some Lions stick with the same job for years, but things change with LCI and we need to be aware of it. He talked about the 90 day suspension program and how not paying dues and filing taxes can disqualify the club from LCI’s insurance policies which would make the club officers liable during a lawsuit. Changes were made to the Traveling Leo program. In order to qualify for the patch, you need to visit at least 4 clubs in 4 different zones. In order to win the contest you need to visit a club in each of the 9 zones. The award will be awarded based on points for miles traveled and crossing bridges/tunnels. The district needs to communicate with the clubs. When Hurricane Isabelle hit Poquoson, DG Ray and the Poquoson Lions didn’t know what support was available to them or who to call. The club did a white cane to raise funds and then used those funds to assist the community. When Hurricane Irene hit, DG Ray was called immediately by the district governor at that time who told him what support he had which he was able to immediate dispatch to help the community. Fall Conference will be Sept 25-36 at the Crowne Plaza in Hampton.

DG Ray then inducted our newest Lions. Lion Willard (Smitty) Smith and Lion Daniel Ferrara.


Scholarship – Lion Bob Perrine
·         We awarded two recipients this year because we had a tie.
·         Amanda was supposed to come receive her check, but she came down ill.
·         Both recipients will be at the Aug 19th meeting.

Eye Screenings/Shop for Cause/Blood Drive – Lion Nancy Watters
·         Lion Nancy was very upset over the conditions we faced at Broad Bay Country Club. The Country Club did agree to knock $500 off our bill.
·         Lion Yvonne Green has taken over as the Children’s Service Chair for the District, which will allow Lion Nancy to refocus on our club screenings.
·         We will be screening all of the Head Starts this year.
·         On Aug. 27th, we will do Operation Jumpstart at Larkspur MS. We will have 3 machines.
·         Sell your Macy’s tickets. We keep the whole $5. This project was offered to the Charity Foundation but they passed on it. For those with tickets, on Aug 29th, everything in Macy’s will be 20-30% off + special deals. The Club has already collected $400, 28 passes are left.
·         Blood drive is Aug 17th at VB Christian Church. We will sell brooms. Lion Jack placed an order to replenish our broom supply.

Eyeglass Recycling/RAM/LMED – Lion John Watters
·         6 members worked the EGRC for 2 hours.
·         Lion Aziz turned in an incredible 7 hearing aids.
·         On Thursday, 6 people associated with Thalia are leaving for Wise County to work at RAM.
·         Lion John distributed magazines on RAM, which is now officially RAM VA and adding locations.
·         RAM VA is doing an event in Warsaw, VA in Nov.
·         The Lions Medical Eyebank Annual dinner is Aug. 19th at the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club. It is $35 per ticket. At 5pm will be the members meeting and every club is a member, so we should have a representative there. The eyebank is now 38 years old and fully Lions owned.
·         Lion John then shared several interesting factoids about eye research. I didn’t understand any of it, so it isn’t recorded, but is sounded impressive.

Day of Service – Lion President Irene Conlin
·         Lions are partnering with Anthem to do service projects. Anthem’s CEO is pledging money of manpower.
·         37 cities were chosen to submit proposals. Norfolk and VB were included in that 37. Many cities did not respond, by VB and Norfolk have submitted 4 proposals with more potentially to follow.
·         We are going to do the school backpack program on Oct 22 from 4-6 pm. We will fill backpacks with food so children can have proper nutrition over the weekend. Someone will need to head this up since Lion President Irene will be out of the county.
·         We also will partner with VB Town Center Blind Lions to work on the “smiles across the nile” program which makes cards and care packages for service members overseas. This will be on Oct 10th.
·         If the day of service projects are a success, Anthem’s CEO is pledging to set up branch clubs in their offices and to pay the their employee’s dues.
·         Another project we are looking at is building a greenhouse for Vanguard Landing. Vanguard landing is currently being built in Pungo for adults with disabilities. Adults with disabilities are a severely underserved community in VA which receives little/no state help.  If we can get $5000 from Anthem, LCI is offering up a $5000 matching grant which will be enough to build the greenhouse and even get it started with some plants. Princess Anne will probably take the lead on this project with our assistance. No date is currently set but it will need to happen in Oct. 

Youth Camp Dinner/Committee Assignments – Lion Rich Roberts
·         Date is July 26th at VA Wesleyan (same bldg as last year). 5:30 PM
·         Lion Rich read out the current menu which will be distributed to the club.  
·         Lion Rich distributed sign-up sheets for the committees. Lion Rich will collate all the sign up sheets and then start plugging the holes.

Citrus Sale/Samaritan House – Lion Jack Wagner
·         The fruit will be delivered between Dec 16-20.
·         Orders will need to be placed by Dec. 9th
·         Prices will come out in Sept.
·         Lion Jack is still collecting donations for Samaritan House’s food pantry.

24-D Charity Foundation – PCC Stan Furman
·         Bid buy auction is Oct 3rd. (Charity foundation’s biggest fundraiser)
·         Also selling raffle tickets for $5.
·         Need items for donation.
·         The bid-buy acution made $19-20K last year but the foundation doled out $118K.
·         The $250 service grant is available again this year. We didn’t qualify last year.

RMH “Red Shoe at the Zoo – Lion Vickie Kennedy
·         Fundraiser for RMH. $40 per ticket.
·         Seafood feast, plus beer and wine.
·         Sept 12th 12-3 at the Norfolk Zoo.

Secretary’s Report:
·         Region III meeting is Aug 12th at Crazy Buffett in Chesapeake. No further details yet.
·         Sept 25-26 is the Fall Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Hampton.
·         Lion Rich gave an update on our Facebook account. Keep sending pictures and content!

Tail Twister CC Steve Rosnov.   
·         Birthdays – None present
·         50/50 Raffle: 2 Drawings: $30 – Lion John. $22 – Lion John again!
·         Progressive Raffle: Lion President Irene’s ticket was selected, but she didn’t pull the queen of hearts.

Meeting then adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Lion Rich Roberts, Secretary
Thalia Lions Club

Upcoming Events:

Ø  July 26th (Sun) – Youth Camp Dinner, Virginia Wesleyan
Ø  Aug 5th  (Wed) – Regular Club Meeting, Hilton Garden Inn
Ø  Aug 12th (Wed) – Region III Meeting  (Crazy Buffet, Chesapeake)
Ø  Aug 17th (Mon) – Blood Drive/Broom Sale, Virginia Beach Christian Church
Ø  Aug 19th (Wed) – Regular Club Meeting
Ø  Aug 19th (Wed) – Lions Medical Eyebank Dinner, Norfolk Yacht & Country Club
Ø  Aug 27th (Thurs) – Operation Jump Start
Ø  Sept 25/26th (Fri-Sat) – 24-D Fall Conference, Crowne Plaze – Hampton
Ø  Oct 3rd (Sat) – 24-D Charity Foundation Bid-Buy Auction, Oak Grove United Methodist Church
Ø  Oct 10th (Sat) – Smiles Across the Nile.
Ø  Oct 22nd (Thurs) – School Backpacks


2015 \/

Aug 4th, Tue Hampton Mercury, 12:30pm, Hilton Garden Inn, Traveling Leo - 1999 Power Plant Parkway, Hampton.

Aug 5th  (Wed – 6 p.m. is the next Thalia Lions next dinner  / business meeting at the Hilton Garden Inn, Town Center, 252 Town Center Dr., Virginia Beach.

Aug 6th (Thurs) Southside, 1:00pm, Traveling Leo - Greenbriar Country Club

Aug 12th  (Wed) – Region III Meeting  (Crazy Buffet, Chesapeake)

Aug 13th (Thurs) Eyeglass Recycling. We meet each month on the 2nd Thursday of every month from 10-12. If you want a ride to the center, show up at the Best Buy parking lot at 9:30.

Aug 17th (Mon) – Blood Drive/Broom Sale, Virginia Beach Christian Church, 2225 Rose Hall Dr.

Aug 19th (Wed) – Regular Club Meeting – Princes Anne Scholarship Awards

Aug 19th (Wed) – Lions Medical Eyebank Dinner, Norfolk Yacht & Country Club

Aug 27th (Thurs) – Operation Jump Start

Sept 25/26th (Fri-Sat) – 24-D Fall Conference, Crowne Plaze – Hampton

Oct 3rd (Sat) – 24-D Charity Foundation Bid-Buy Auction, Oak Grove United Methodist Church

Oct 10th (Sat) – Smiles Across the Nile.

Oct 22nd (Thurs) – School Backpacks

 Nov 13-15th RAM Warsaw - Richmond County Elementary School, 361 Walnut Street, Warsaw, VA 22572

24-D News Letter

Knights Vision News Letter
for up-to-date 24D information @

Clubs are asked to document their service projects by sending articles to the Knights Vision with lots of pictures! This way Thalia Lions can let others know what is going on in the Thalia Club and our community. Help Lion Donnie Johnson in his goal to produce an exceptional District News Letter. He needs our support. Make sure you drop him a line every now and then and thank him for what he does for this District. This is a labor intensive project he does every month and we honor his dedication.

E-mail Lion Donnie Johnson  @ theknightsvision@cox.net  for input, articles, and thanks.

24D Web Links

Disrtict 24-D - http://lions-of-virginia-24d.org
Lions Mobile Sight and Hearing Unit –

Region 1,  Zone A:
Gloucester http://e-clubhouse.org/sites/gloucesterva
Richmond County http://www.e-clubhouse.org/sites/richmondcounty

Region 1,  Zone B:
Poquoson http://www.poquosonlions.com/home.html

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Newport News (Host) http://www.nnlions.org
NorthHampton http://www.e-clubhouse.org/sites/hamptonnorthampton/index.php

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Chesapeake Host http://e-clubhouse.org/sites/chesapeakehost/index.php
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Southside http://www.southsidelionsclubchesapeake.org

Region 2, Zone E: None

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Oceanside http://www.e-clubhouse.org/sites/oceansideva
Thalia http://thalialions.blogspot.com
Virginia Beach Central http://vbclions.org  

Region 3, Zone H:
Kempsville http://www.e-clubhouse.org/sites/kempsville/index.php
Town Center – Blind http://www.towncenterblindlions.org

Region 3, Zone I: None

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