June 2020 - Taking over from Lion Ellen Turman (left) is Lion Jeri Furman, inducted as President of Thalia Lions for the 2020-2021 years. Lion Ellen will be passing the April 20, 1966 Thalia Lions Charter, along with the President’s Gavel Lion Jeri is holding in the above picture, to keep for one year until given to the next President, Lion Nancy Nelson.
In accepting the presidency Lion Jeri said, "I am excited about the club's growth in the last two years forecasting continued growth this year. I am eager to continue service projects, especially our growth in helping the community. Our first meeting each month will be primarily for business the first Wed. at the Ronald McDonald House, 404 Colley Ave, Norfolk, VA 23507; and the second meeting with a guest speaker will be the third Wed. at the Westin Hotel Town Center, 4535 Commerce St, Virginia Beach, VA 23462."

Where Does Thalia Lions Club Fit In?
* Lions Club International (LCI) and has 45,000+ clubs and 1.4 million members in 205 countries around the world making the members of Thalia Lions Club part of the world's largest service club organization.
* Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is the official charitable Foundation of LCI funding Lions' humanitarian projects. * Lions of Virginia - http://www.lionsofvirginia.org
* Our region is Region VI (15 clubs) (one of six regions under 24-I)
* Thalia Lions Club is under Zone "O" (6 clubs) (one of three zones - "O," "P," and "Q" under Region VI).  District 24-I was formed in July 2018 from former Districts 24-B and 24-D and some web sites may show the old organizations.
For information on Lions in general, visit 

Next Meeting

Due to the virus, Thalia Lions indoor meetings and all outdoor  activates have been cancelled May - Sep 2020. We'll keep you posted.

Next Meeting - Wed., Aug 19th, 7pm – ZOOM Club meeting

Traveling Leos Welcome to our meeting via Zoom.

Please contact Lion Nancy Watters @


Meetings 2020-2021

Virgina Beach Thalia Lions Club

Board Meeting, Wed. Aug 5, 2020 via Zoom
The following Lions logged on: Irene Conlin, Mike Coren, Jeri Furman, Stanley Furman, Vickie Kennedy, Billy McIntyre, Stanley Moss, Marsha Montgomery, Nancy Nelson, Bob Perrine, Fran Scott, Aziz Selahi, Roger Snell, Ellen Truman, Jack Wagner, John Watters, Nancy Watters
President Lion Jeri Furman - Call to Order 7:06p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance:   President Lion Jeri

Invocation: Lion Roger Snell

Welcome and Wellness Check   - President Lion Jeri Furman asked for any information about health concerns from the membership.  None were reported.
Treasurer’s Report – Lion Vickie Kennedy – Please see the attached report.
Secretary’s Report – Lion Nancy Watters

Leadership Workshop There will be a Leadership Zoom workshop each Friday evening from 7-8pm.  The following topics will be covered consecutively each Friday.
Aug.7 – Membership
Aug. 14 – Treasurer
Aug. 21 – Secretary
Aug. 28 – President
And September 11 – New Member Orientation

These workshops are free and are very useful.  Whether you are interested in any of the offices makes no difference.  We all need to become familiar with how our club functions and you may be asked at some point to step up in leadership.  So please consider devoting a little time to learn something new about Lions.

The last workshop on Sept. 11th is a New Member Orientation.   Any member who has joined in the last 1-2 years could benefit greatly from this information. If you make no other workshops, please target this evening and spend 1 hour learning about this great organization.  I promise it will be of great use.

The topic for Friday evening Aug 7th is Membership. Here is the information and the link to join in the workshop.

Topic: Creating a Membership Plan
Time: Aug 7, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 859 7257 1760
Passcode: LIONS
Club Survey –(see attached) This survey was sent out last week for your input.  If you have any comments, recommendations, or suggestions pertaining to the questions on this survey, please let me know and I will present them to the club.

USA Canada Forum – see attached (limit 3,000) Sept 25-27.  Because of the pandemic, the Forum will be virtual this year.  This is a wonderful opportunity for any Lion to see what the rest of the North America is doing in Lions and to learn from the sessions.  You may register for the USA Canada Forum for $20, an unbelievable cost.  I am truly excited that the Forum is virtual making it possible for us to participate.  There will only be 3000 participants allowed to register so you must make the decision now.  Those spots will disappear quickly.  You may need to register with your email and password before you can make the reservation.

Fall Conference will be in Williamsburg at the Double Tree Inn – TBA
Club Programs – Lion Nancy Nelson and Lion Bob Perrine
August 19 – LifeNet – Donna Bishop, Vice President
September 16- District Governor’s Visit – DG Scott Durbin with Cabinet Secretary Lion
Homer Cook.
Oct. 21 – Lion Heather Jones - Campaign 100 District Chairperson

Service Reports

Scholarship Report – Lion Bob Perrine – Wan Ting (Ivy) Wu was selected to receive the Princess Anne High School scholarship winner by the Scholarship committee. 
Lion Bob has communicated with TCC concerning the Ed DeLong scholarship candidates and they are offering 2 possibilities. There may be more but the deadline in Aug. 22nd.
Blood Drive Report – IPP Lion Ellen Turman - Because there were 36 appointments and only 3 Red Cross staff to work the drive, it was cancelled at the last minute.  Lion Nancy Nelson reported that they want to reschedule Sat. Sept 12 – 1:00pm-6:00pm. 

Peace Poster Report – Lion Marsha Montgomery – Lion Marsha has prepared a wonderful presentation with a power point to present to the Girl Scouts on August 15th.  We hope there will be good participation.  Asked to explain the Peace Poster Contest, Lion Marsha explained that the contest was to encourage young people to express their desire for Peace through art.  There is a $1000 prize and a trip for recognition to the United Nations. This years theme is Peace through Service.

Laptop and electronic project – Lion Jon Halvorson - though Lion Jon was unable to attend the meeting, Lion Nancy Watters asked for laptops, printers, or electrical equipment that may be donated.  The equipment is for Computer Equipment for Kids.  You may drop off equipment to Lion Nancy or to Lion Jon Halvorson.
Foodbank Collections – Lion Aziz Selahi – Last month we tried to do a foodbank collection and found that the only place to drop off food is in Norfolk.  There are no more collection points at the YMCAs.  Lion Aziz made a motion that we designate the $20 we would normally spend on meals at a meeting to be donated to the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia.  The idea was immediately second by Lion Stan and Lion Rog.  The vote was passed unanimously.   Members are asked to send a $20 check each month to Lion Nancy for the support of the Foodbank.  Please make your check out to Thalia Lions Club.   Lion Nancy will report each month on the amount of donations received and how much will be sent to the Foodbank in the name of our Club.   Please consider supporting this project. 

Campaign 100 – Lion Stan Furman – the club has made a total donation of $1,000 toward a Melvin Jones that will count as a Campaign 100 donation.  Half the funds were from the Admin account so we are also eligible for the 100% Club Participation Award.
Campaign 100 is also conducting a raffle.  Please see the attached.  We will have a program in October by Lion Heather Jones, District I Campaign 100 chairperson.

LCFSV Raffle – Lion Stan Furman, representing the Lions Charity Foundation of Southeastern Virginia, explained that because of the pandemic the Foundation will not hold the Annual Auction fundraiser this year.  Instead the only fundraiser for the Lions Charity Foundation will be the raffle.  Each Thalia member will be given 4 tickets @$5 to sell for the drawings on October 10th.  Lion Stan will must have the tickets with payment returned to him by September 30th.   Checks must be made to LCFSV. 

    Reverse Raffle (Southside Lions Club)– Lion Nancy Watters – recommended that we ask Southside Lions for 50 tickets for the raffle.  Each ticket is $60 or 2 tickets for $100.  Our club stands to profit half the sales.  There was discussion of increasing the number to 100 but some felt that was more than we could sell.  Lion Nancy informally canvased the Board attendees and found that there was demand for almost 50 among the group.  After the meeting, Lion Nancy was notified by other members that they wanted tickets as well.  Since we are yet to ask members who were not in attendance, and the number already verbally assigned is 52, Lion Nancy will ask for 75 instead of 50 tickets.  Please remember that we are not obligated to pay for unsold tickets.
      Peanuts – Lion Jack Wagner – Please let Lion Jack know if you would like peanuts to sell.  We have a supply and need to sell them soon! Lion Jack was logged on to the meeting but unable to engage his audio and video. 
      Proposal Garage Sale – A friend of Lion Nancy, Susan Mills, is planning to hold a garage sale September 12th.    She will donate half the proceeds to Thalia Lions and the other half will be donated to the Animal Shelter.  She asks for items for the sale.  Lion Nancy will be willing to collect pre-price items.  Since staying home many of you may have already cleaned out and reorganized.  But please let Lion Nancy know if there is anything you are willing to donate for the garage sale.  Since she is willing to donate the proceeds, we need to offer items for the sale.

Adjournment:  7:56

Upcoming Dates:
Friday August 7 – Membership Workshop Zoom 7-8pm
Friday August 14 – Treasurer Workshop Zoom 7-8pm
Wed August 19 – Next Regular Zoom Meeting
Friday August 21 – Secretary Workshop Zoom 7-8pm
Fri August 28 – President Workshop Zoom 7-8pm
Wed. Sept. 2nd – Next Zoom Board Meeting
Fri Sept. 11 – New Member Orientation 7-8pm
Sat. Sept. 12` - Blood Drive – Virginia Beach Christian   Church 1-6pm
Sat. Sept. 12 – Garage Sale – 3304 Old Kirkwood Dr., VB
Wed. Sept. 16 – Next Regular Zoom Meeting
Fri-Sun - Sept 25-27 – USA Canada Leadership Virtual Forum

Regular Meeting Minutes, Wed. July 15, 2020- 7p.m.
Zoom:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85284637615
Meeting ID:  852 8463 7615
President Lion Jeri Furman – Call to Order 7:05pm
Pledge of Allegiance – Lion Stanley Furman
Invocation – Lion Aziz Selahi
Lion President welcomed guests.  Lion Jon Halvorson introduced Janelle _____

Who may be interested in joining our club.  Lion Nina Ambrose and Lion Bruce Horner from Southside Lions Club we also acknowledged.
New Project Idea:  Club Service Chairperson – Lion Nancy Watters - introduced Lion Bruce Horner and Lion Nina Ambrose from Southside Lions to speak about the Drive for Sight Reverse Raffle.
Lion Bruce described the reverse raffle that the Southside Club has be doing for a number of years.  Attached is a description of the raffle.  Thalia Lions has been invited to join their club in selling the tickets as a fundraiser for our club.  For each $60 ticket sold, our club keeps half the money.  Tickets are $60 each or two tickets for $100.  The BOD has already agreed that the club will participate in the project and needs to decide how many tickets we will request from Southside.  There is no obligation for unsold tickets.  The BOD will take up the question at the next meeting on Aug. 5th.  Lion Bruce will need to know the number by then in order to have our names printed on the tickets.
The culminating event will be held at Swan Terrace at Founder’s End in November starting at 6:00pm and ending at 7pm.  Tickets will be drawn periodically and announced.  Light appetizers will be served and our club will be invited.
VBCC/Thalia Blood Drive – Lion Nancy Nelson
Lion Nancy encouraged all those able to give blood to please make an appointment to give at redcrossblood.org.  The date is August 2nd 12-5pm.  Lion Nancy Nelson will be out of town but Lion Marsha Montgomery, Lion Ellen Turman will work with Jeff Bodenhammer (church member) to register and monitor donors.  Anyone who would like to work during those hours is encouraged to come.
Tail Twister Process- Lion Jon Halvorson – Lion Stan Moss – Lion Vickie Kennedy. It is important that we keep the Tail Twister busy raising funds for our administration account.  Lion Jon is investigating how we might use an app to transfer small amounts in fines to the Thalia account.  This is a new idea and may take some work to get all of us onboard. In the meantime, our Tail Twister Lion Stan Moss has decided to fine everyone as we turn older.  This is RETROACTIVE!  So, if you have had a birthday since the last real meeting, (Feb.) you are being fined $5.
It cost money to get old but the alternative is unacceptable! 
 Please send your money to Lion Stan Moss – 1617 Emmerton Ct. VB. 23456.
Here is the list of names:  Lions Bill Austin, Steve Eggleston, Otis Ethridge, Ellen Turman, Jack Wagner, John Watters, Nancy Watters, Marsha Montgomery.  I am tucking a 5-dollar bill in an envelope to send to him today!!  I challenge the rest of you to do the same! 
Secretary’s Report – Lion Nancy Watters
          Dues Collection – Thanks to all who have sent in their dues.  There are only a couple outstanding at this time.
          Progressive Raffle – Lion Mike Coren submitted $490.50 for Progressive Raffle money.  The money will be donated to LCIF with another $509.50 budgeted donation to make a $1,000 future Melvin Jones Award from our club.  Using the progressive raffle money from the admin account also allows our club to earn a 100% Participation Award for Campaign 100. 
          Kindness Matters Service Award – Our club has done projects that qualify us for this award. Lion Stan and Lion Nancy have reviewed the qualifications and feel that the Beach Bag Project will be our best offering.  Lion Nancy will complete the paperwork and submit the application to the Dist GST.
          Peace Poster Contest – Lion Homer Cook has achieved a partnership with the Girl Scouts and has asked our club to sponsor a Peace Poster Contest with them. There will be more information to come on the subject.

          Scholarships for  Fall attendance at TCC or a Virginia School of Higher Learning, Lion Bob Perrine
-Information was posted on the Princess Anne Scholarship website by coordinator Cathy Delaney for Princes Anne High School students. There have been no responses as this date. The suspense date is July 22.
-Information was posted on the TCC website by Tawana Hill, Coordinator of Financial Aid with a suspense date of Aug 17. 
-Information was posted on the Ocean Lakes High School website by Christopher Murray, Ocean Lakes Scholarship Coordinator with a suspense date of Aug 17. This effort is to encourage residents of the Seatack community to apply for the scholarships to TCC.

Items from the Floor

Peanut Sales – Please let Lion Jack Wagner know if you need peanuts.  Please remember that this is the only actual fundraiser we have at the moment and we should try to sell as many as possible.

Suggestions for Service Projects:
1.      Computer Equipment for Kids – Lion Jon Halvorson will accept any computer equipment (preferably laptops) to be donated to Computer Equipment for Kids in Norfolk.  He has a couple of contacts so please consider donating older equipment to him. 
2.     Foodbank donations – Lion Aziz Selahi has suggested that we again make food donations to the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia.  However, since our meeting, I have found out that all pick up locations in Va. Beach have been cancelled.  The only drop off is now at 800 Tidewater Dr. on the Tab St. side of the building.  You must ring the bell to have someone come out and open the loading door.  If anyone is willing to coordinate and take food donations to the Norfolk location, please respond to Lion Nancy Watters. 
3.     For Kids – Lion Fran Scott expressed concerns about the Bookbag Project for this Fall since school openings are up in the air.  She suggested that we think about doing bulk donations to the schools instead of individual bookbag supplies.  More will be known later.

***** During the last part of our meeting, Lion John received a phone call from Pauline Ashe, wife of 50 year life member Ray Ashe.  The call was to tell our club of Lion Ray’s death.  Pauline was touched to find that we were in the middle of a club meeting. 
We ended our meeting with a moment of silence in Lion Ray’s memory.
Meeting adjournment:  Lion President Jeri Furman – 7:29


First Meeting 2020-2021
Board Meeting Minutes, Wed. July 1, 2020 - 7p.m.
Zoom™ Meeting Hosted by Lion Jon Halvorson
Logged on: Lions Stanley & Jeri Furman, Lion Mike Coren, Lion Jon Halvorson, Lion Vickie Kennedy, Lion Billy McIntyre, Lion Nancy Nelson, Lion Aziz Selahi, Lion Ellen Turman, Lions John & Nancy Watters, Lion Bob Perrine, Lion Fran Scott, Lion Marsha Montgomery.
President Lion Ellen Turman - Call to Order 7:13 p.m.

Call to Order - Lion President Jeri Furman, Thalia President 2020-2021. 7:21pm.
New Business

Progressive Raffle – Lion Mike Coren has almost $500 collected from the Thalia Progressive Raffle.  Finding it difficult to continue holding the raffle on a Zoom format, Lion Mike suggested that the money be placed into the Thalia Admin account. (Progressive raffle definition:  $1 tickets were sold to purchase a chance to pull the Queen of Hearts from a deck of cards.  Each time a card was chosen by the winner of the dollar raffle, the card was removed.  At the time we suspended the in-person meetings, the money had accumulated to almost $500 with a very few cards left in the deck.) 

A new award has been offered by the District Governor in which any moneys collected by the Tail Twister and donated to the LCIF would be considered a donation by all members of the club. The award would be called the 100 % Participation Award and would give the club special standing in grant awards if the club needed to apply to LCI for grant money. Considering the circumstances of the 2020-21 budget, the recommendation was made to use that money for the donation to LCIF from the Club. In further discussion, Lion Stanley Furman moved that we designate that donation to a Melvin Jones to be awarded at a future date.   Lion John Watters seconded.  After discussion clarifying that the donation would still be used by LCI regardless of the Melvin Jones designation, a unanimous vote was passed.

Thalia/VBCC Blood Drive – Lion Nancy Nelson and Lion Ellen Turman will run the Red Cross blood drive this year at Virginia Beach Christian Church, Sunday August 2nd 12-5pm. A church member, Jeff Bodenhammer has agreed to work the drive checking in donors.   Lion Marsha Montgomery also volunteered to work.  If anyone else is interested, please contact Lion Nancy N. or Lion Ellen. The Lion Tamer, Lion Jon Halvorson will be asked to see that the Thalia Banner, and display items will be available to set up at the church.  If you are able and willing, please consider donating blood.  Appointments may be made online or through Lion Nancy or Lion Ellen.  Please see the attached flyer for all information.

New Project Ideas – Lion Nancy Watters described a proposition from Southside Lions Club.  For several years that club has held a Reverse Raffle.  Tickets are $60 for one ticket or $100 for two tickets.  There are winning increments of money as tickets are pulled with the grand prize being won by the last ticket in the barrel. Southside limits the number of tickets to 400.  Since they have never sold that number of tickets, their club is offering Thalia Lions the opportunity to sell tickets for the raffle as well.  Thaila would receive one half of all the ticket sales made by the club.  Lion Nancy asked permission to invite two members of Southside Lions to participate in our next Zoom meeting on July 15th to present the idea to our membership.  There seemed to be no objections to this suggestion.

Budget – Lion President Jeri Furman presented the proposed Covid 2020-21 Temporary Budget to the Board for approval.  Please understand that many cuts were proposed because of the uncertainty of this year’s income and that the budget is only temporary.  It may be revisited and adjusted at anytime that circumstances change.  It is heart-wrenching to make cuts to causes we love and have supported for many years.  Hopefully we will be able to recoup and return to our general support before very long.  A copy is attached.

Scholarship – Lion Bob Perrine presented the following idea:
In that the Adult Learning Center has said they are reorganizing their Scholarship process, and since this is the second year Thalia Lions has received no nominees for our $1,000 and $500 Scholarships from them for TCC, Lion Bob would like to offer these Scholarships to the New Jerusalem Church of God in Seatack (an African American church). He has visited the church and has close contacts. Lion Bob feels this action would not only benefit our club but would be a binding offer with what his personal church, Old Donation Episcopal Church, has engaged in, the Sacred Ground Circle, learning about our past sins with slaves and what we can do to heal our racial wounds. After reflection and discussion concerning our desire to offer the money to deserving minority applicants, a motion was made by Lion Stan Furman with a second by Lion Ellen to offer the scholarship money to TCC to award to a qualified applicant.  Lion Bob will contact the New Jerusalem Church to encourage them to have students to apply for the money through TCC. This action is for this year only and will be offered to the Adult Learning Center as first priority in the future.

From the Floor:

Tail Twister – Lion Stan Moss is looking for ways to continue fining members as his role as Tail Twister this year.  One suggestion is that as each member has a birthday they be required to send the Tail Twister $5.  He is open to other suggestions.  Lion Jon Halvorson has offered to set up a method on line that will make fining members easy.  He will work with Lion Vickie to set up the process.

Prospective Members – Lion Jon Halvorson has requested and received information for two new prospects and hopes to have them attending the next Zoom meeting.

Upcoming Dates:
Wed. July 15 – 7pm Regular Zoom Meeting
Sat. July 18th – Lions Charity Foundation Meeting – Windsor Town Center, 23362 Courtchouse
Hwy, Windsor, Va.- the Annual LEMSHU meeting will be held on the same date.
Sun. August 2nd – VBCC/Thalia Blood Drive -Virginia Beach Christian Church, 2225 Rose Hall Drive, Virginia Beach 23454
Wed. Augrust 5 -7pm – Zoom Board Meeting.
Last Board Meeting of the 2019-2020 Year, 1 July 2020
Lion Ellen welcomed all members to the meeting and asked for a wellness check.  No one reported any illnesses.

Treasurer’s Report – Lion Vickie Kennedy – please see attached

Secretary’s Report – Lion Nancy Watters reported that dues collections are still ongoing.  There are seven members that are yet to send in their dues.  Lion Nancy has sent the two members that are not usually in attendance a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope).  The remaining unpaid members will be reminded once more before a SASE will be sent to them.

Old Business – Lion Ellen asked for any unfinished business from the Lion’s year 2019-20.  No unfinished business was presented.

Adjournment- With no unfinished business, Lion President Ellen Turman adjourned the last Board meeting of the Thalia Lions Club for the year 2019-2020, 7:01pm.



24-D News Letter

Knights Vision News Letter
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Clubs are asked to document their service projects by sending articles to the Knights Vision with lots of pictures! This way Thalia Lions can let others know what is going on in the Thalia Club and our community. Help Lion Donnie Johnson in his goal to produce an exceptional District News Letter. He needs our support. Make sure you drop him a line every now and then and thank him for what he does for this District. This is a labor intensive project he does every month and we honor his dedication.

E-mail Lion Donnie Johnson  @ theknightsvision@cox.net  for input, articles, and thanks.

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Disrtict 24-D - http://lions-of-virginia-24d.org
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Kempsville http://www.e-clubhouse.org/sites/kempsville/index.php
Town Center – Blind http://www.towncenterblindlions.org

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The 100th centennial Lions Clubs International Convention will be held in Chicago, the place where it all began. 
*Jul 1, Sat The spectacular Parade of Nations where an estimated 10,000 Lions from over 120 countries, many in native dress will march through the streets of Chicago.
*Jul 3, Mon - The Melvin Jones Fellows Luncheon at McCormick Place South building.
*Jul 3, Mon - The annual banquet will be held from 8-10 pm at the Hilton Chicago Hotel.