June 7, 2017 - Taking over from Lion Nancy Watters (left) is Lion Debra Laughlin (right) inducted as President of Thalia Lions for the 2017-2018 years. Seen above is Thalia's April 20, 1966 Charter and the President’s Gavel, both to be kept for one year by the incoming President. 

As one of the longest serving members Lion Dick Kreassig stood up to praise Lion Nancy for giving  a truly wonderful  thanks to each member by relating each one’s contributions to the club. 

In accepting the presidency, Lion Debra said, "This year I want to make us more known in the community.  Our club has been too much of a secret, and I want to change that. I am asking each Thalia Lion to bring at least one guest or program speaker to one of our dinner meetings. Let’s share the secret this year.”

Where Does Thalia Lions Club Fit In?
* Lions Club International (LCI) - http://members.lionsclubs.org/EN/lions/index.php and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lions_Club - has 45,000 clubs and 1.3 million members in 201 countries around the world making the members of Thalia Lions Club part of the world's largest service club organization.
* Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is the official charitable Foundation of LCI funding Lions' humanitarian projects. – http://lionsclubs.org/EN/lci-foundation/index.php
* Lions of Virginia - http://www.lionsofvirginia.org/
* Our district - District 24D (one of six districts in Virginia) web page is @ http://www.lions-of-virginia-24d.org/ and http://lions-of-virginia-24d.org/Club_Links.html. The “Knights Vision” newsletter for up-to-date 24D information is located @ http://www.lions-of-virginia-24d.org/Knight_s_Vision.html
For a list of clubs in 24D and those with web sites please see http://www.lions-of-virginia-24d.org/Club_Links.html
* Our region - Region III (16 clubs) (one of three regions under 24D)
* Thalia Lions Club is under Zone "G" (6 clubs) (one of three zones - "E," "F," and "G" under Region III). Region III was reorganized in 2010 and some web sites may show the old organization.

For information on Lions in general, visit 


  1. The BNI (Business Networking International) is sponsoring a picnic to benefit Thalia Lions Club of District 24D
    Sept. 11, 2010 from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm
    2371 Court Plaza Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456
    $5.00 per person (ages 5 and over) - covers most food (provided by Carabas Restaurant), drinks, and children's activities.
    Additional charges apply for items such as beer, gourmet food, and some contests. This event is a fundraiser to benefit Thaila Lions Club of District 24D
    This family friendly event includes activities for children and adults: bands, carnival games, dunk tank, corn hole championship, and 1 - Person will toss for a chance to win $25,000 for a cornhole hole-in-one
    The Thalia Lions Club will also be selling brooms.

  2. Sep 12th note: The BNI affair yesterday was a great success! Lots of activities, beautiful day, lots of Lions (15), probably lots of money earned/donated with a raffle, brooms/umbella sales, dunk tank, beer, etc., etc. The BNI organization and the many small business members promoted Lionism all day. Good food, cotton candy, popcorn, beer, good live music, corn-hole games and camaradarie added to the day. Final results of contributions to our activites (charity) budget are not in yet, but will be known soon. Lion John Watters