The Thalia Lions Club Educational Services / Scholarship Committee Chairman is under the overall supervision of First Vice President.

The purpose of the program is to award and fund scholarships and thereby demonstrate to the community that Thalia Lions Club is interested in furthering education. The Scholarship Committee selects recipients of scholarships awarded annually. Applicants should demonstrate financial need and be committed to their education. Two college/university scholarships are usually awarded each year as follows:

a. A $1,000 scholarship to a Princess Anne High School graduate to attend a Virginia college.
* The 2018 winner was Leigh Mante (attending University of Virginia)
* The 2017 winner was Rand Gabriel Buenaventura (attending VCU in Richmond)
* The 2016 winner was Lara De Haan (attending George Mason University)
*The 2015 winners ($1,000 to each one) were Peter Nguyen (attending George Mason University) and Amanda Ponack (attending James Madison University)
*The 2014 winner was Erin Bryant (attending Randolph-Macon College)
*The 2013 winner was Isaiah Simmons (attending William and Mary)
*The 2012 winner was Amy Cohen (attending VA Tech)
*The 2011 winner was Jessica Carlisle
*The 2010 winner was Chris Horton, a young man who is a MERSA survivor.
*The 2009 winner was Regina Stallings, (attending the University of Virginia)
*The 2008 winner was Lydia Michailow (attending VA Tech)
*The 2007 winner was Devin Prater

b. A scholarship to an Adult Learning Center graduate who is successfully enrolled at Tidewater Community College. For 2011 the Thalia Lions increased this $600 scholarship to $1,000, and beginning in 2016 Thalia is also awarding $500 to the second place applicant set up as the EdDelong Memorial Scholarship Fund in memory of Ed who served as chairman of the Thalia Lions Scholarship Committee for many years and died July 16th, 2015.
* May 2018, $1,000 warded to Hunter Perez
* May 2018, $500 awarded to Gianni Miranda.
* May 2017, $1,500 awarded to Giancarlo Gabriel Balarezo
(one applicant - both $1,000 and $500 scholarships awarded to Giancarlo)
* May 2016, $1,000 awarded to Winda Kerr
* May 2016, $500 awarded to Jennifer Smith/Barongan
* May 2015, $1,000 awarded to Erin E. Snyder
* May 2014, $1,000 awarded to Tina Martinez
* May 2013, $1,000 awarded to Kelly Yarbourgh
* May 2012, $1,000 awarded to was Ayotunde F, Oyedele
* May 2011, $1,000 awarded to was Steven F. Hulmes, a 54 year old gentleman.
*May 2010, $600 awarded to Jeri Gussman
*May 2009, $600 awarded to Skye Fibish

c. Sight Impaired Scholarship. On July 7, 2010, a special scholarship presentation was made to a sight impaired student from Ocean Lakes High School, Sahara Gooding. Sahara's vision impairment began at birth and as a result of albinism. She is attending Virginia State University. She plans a career in the medical field.

d. Local Elementary School Scholarships. Three elementary school clinics in the Thalia area (Thalia, Malibu, and King’s Grant) are presneted $200 each year for health related needs.

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