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Bag Lunches for Children in Need
Mar 15, 2017 - Thalia Lions at their regular meeting preparing bag lunches for children in need
Thalia Lions has a strong connection to White Oaks Elementary School. Member Susan Sumnick's daughter, Mykala, teaches at the school.  There are 25 children attending White Oaks that are at risk of having little or nothing to eat over weekends.  Virginia Beach Beach Bag Program provides food for only one weekend per month.  The Principal has asked various organizations, teachers and volunteers to step up and provide these children with bags of food for the remaining three weekends each month.  Each bag contains 2 breakfast meals, 2 lunch/snacks and 2 dinner meals plus 2 milks.  Thalia Lions stepped up to provide 3 weekends of food.   In February the Club purchased food and packed 25 bags.  After the regular meeting on March 8th, the club again purchased food items and packed 50 more bags to be given to the school. We are Lions in action, serving the community, helping children, making the world a better place.

National Read Across America Day
2 Mar 2017 -Lion Nancy is reading Dr. Seuss’s “I can Read with my Eyes Shut” to 2 yr. olds at Broad Bay Manor Preschool on Read Across America Day

National Read Across America Day is an annual event, an initiative on reading that was created by the National Education Association. The first National Read Across America Day was held on March 2, 1998 and Thalia Lions have been participating since 2015. This year Mar 2, 2017 the Virginia Beach GrowSmart team (Devin, Mary Katherine and Lion Nancy) provided Thalia Lions the opportunity to participate.  Thalia Lions were:.
Lions John and Nancy who read to 2 yr. olds and PreK children at Broad Bay Manor Preschool. 
Lion Fran Scott read at Bayside Baptist,
Lion Monica Sturniola read at Birdneck Elementary.
Lion Bob Perrine and his wife Barbette read at Lynnhaven Elementary.
The book this year was “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut,” by Dr. Seuss. Readers augmented their book presentation with enthusiasm by asking questions to get participation, providing examples from around the classroom, and emphasizing the importance of reading every day. Every child received a copy of the book and took the Reader's Oath.
We are Lions in action, serving the community, helping children, making the world a better place.Thalia Lions participation shows dedication and commitment to the children, families and early care providers by emphasizing children are never too young to start reading and highlighting that learning by reading is fun.  This year, Virginia Beach GrowSmart team had 85+ volunteers reading to over 105 classrooms and providing over 4,400 books to children. 

Holiday Care Packages for Service Members 

Oct 16, 2016. In coordination with the USO of Virginia Beach Thalia Lions participated in preparing Holiday Care Packages for service members like this sailor (above photo) who showed great surprise and delight when presented with her package. Since the USO program was launched in 2011, nearly 1,500 boxes have been distributed bringing holiday cheer to more than 110,000 service members in more than 500 locations. Sailors who received toiletries and other hard to find items were donated by Thalia Lion members and wrapped up.  There were between 30 and 40 in all for delivery by the USO.

The Lion Bill Hadden Project, Clothing Donations
For 2014 Lion Linda Eggleston spearheaded the 24-D collection of clothing for distribution at Remote Area Medical (RAM) Clinic held each year the third week of July at the Wise County, Virginia Fairgrounds. Gently used clothing and new underwear and socks for all ages, all sizes, all sexes, all seasons are collected from donors.  Started in 2004 by Lions Club member Bill Haddon of Lynchburg, Virginia, and with encouragement from Lions Clubs across the state, the program grew as more and more members brought clothes for distribution to patients who were attending the clinic. The remarkable part of the story is that Bill Haddon was in his eighties and legally blind when he started this program. In 2011, Bill was unable to return to RAM because of health problems. To continue the program members of the Episcopal Church Redeemer, Midlothian stepped in to help the Lions distribute the clothing, and in 2014 Redeemer, Midlothian Lou Markwith (phone: 804-239-5303 - email: took the lead as coordinator.  A number of churches in the Midlothian have stepped in to help. Cloths not picked up by patients at RAM are sent to three shelters in Southwest Virginia and the Lions Club of Norton to be distributed through their clothing outreach programs. Lion Linda brings Lion’s District 24-D into the host of donor organizations with several car loads of cloths from various going to the 2014 RAM, Jul 18-20th.  Plans are for Lion Linda to continue the program each year as the district wide coordinator.
147 volunteers to travel to Wise County to assist with Remote Area Medical Clinic,” June 17, 2014
Lion Bill Hadden Project,”  

Blood Drive
Below is a pictures from the Blood Drive at Virginia Beach Christian Church on Aug 12, 2013.  The Red Cross collected 36 pints of blood. During the Blood Drive, Thalia Lions set up a canopy outside the church and sold $50.00 worth of umbrellas, $6.00 in mints, and $482.00 for brooms, making a total of $538.00 for the day.  Thanks to all the Lions who toughed out the heat and humidity, i.e., Lions John, Ed, Aziz, Jim, Jack, Stan.  And thank to the Lions who worked inside in the air conditioning managing the Blood Drive, Lions, i.e., Susie, Nurys, Linda, Jeri, and Bob Perrine.  It was an exhausting but rewarding day. We have a great group of Lion workers!!

The Samaritan House
The Thalia Lions Club is assisting with the Samaritan House’s food bank (pantry). Food donations are accepted at Thalia Lions Club business/dinner meetings. Thalia Lions started their food bank program in response to International Lions Club President Wing Kun Tam’s (2011-2012) call for local Lion’s Clubs to help support local food banks in joining the fight against hunger. Thalia Lions chose the Samaritan House food pantry program. To date, Thalia’s generosity has been exceptional and of great benefit to these abused women and their children. POC is Lion Jack Wagner. Also for pantry monetary donations please contact Melody (757-631-0710) at the Samaritan House.

The Samaritan House at 2620 Southern Blvd, Virginia Beach, 23452, provides families with food, shelter, toiletries, supportive services, personal needs and financial assistance for about $13 per person per day.

The Samaritan House is a non-profit organization providing families living in a domestic violence environment and families without a home
- a refuge.
- freedom and safety from domestic abuse and homelessness.
- education in regaining control and becoming self-sufficient in order to begin a new and better life.

One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Almost one-third of female homicide victims that are reported in police records are killed by an intimate partner. This information is provided by National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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