2018/19 Thalia Lions Club Board of Directors
               and Committee Chairs

President (,
John Waters – Global Action Team (GAT) Chair,
Constitution and By-Laws
First Vice President, Ellen Truman – Leadership Chair

Second Vice President, Jeri Furman – Hearing
Secretary, Nancy Watters – Services
and coordinator for Blind, Scholarship, Vision Walk, Sight,
Hearing, EGRC, S&H Unit, and Vision Screening
Treasurer, Vickie Kennedy - Finance Committee - See Club Constitution,
Article VIII, Officers, Section D. Duties (5) Treasurer
Fundraising Coordinator, Jack Wagner - White Cane
Marketing Communications, Bob Perrine – Scholarships 
Public Relations, Publicity, and Social Media
Programs, Marvin Clemmons
Membership, Marvin Clemmons – Global Membership Chair (GMT)

Sight, Susan Sumnick
Sight (,
Sight and Hearing Van
and Vision Walk

Note: Immediate Past President Debra Laughlin
moved to the Kempsville Lions July 2018



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