Ø  Nov 14th (Tues) – Zone G Meeting (Princess Anne Rec Center, 6:30pm)
Ø  Nov 15th (Wed) – Regular club meeting
Ø  Nov 18th (Sat) – White Cane/Broom Sale (BJ’s on VB Blvd)
Ø  Nov 18th (Sat) – Guiding Lion Training (Providence Forge, VA)
Ø  Dec 4th (Mon) – ALC S&H Van (Renaissance Academy, 10am-2pm)
Ø  Dec 14th (Thurs) – Eyeglass Recycling - (10am-noon) Anyone who can come and needs a ride be at BEST Buy parking lot at 9:30 am. BEST Buy is at 217 Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Ø  Dec 20th (Wed) – Holiday Party (The Watters’ Residence)
Ø  Feb 15th (Thurs) – Thalia Bland Contest (Thalia UMC. 7pm)
Ø  March 15th (Thurs) – Region III Bland Contest (Thalia UMC, 7pm)
Ø  April 7th (Sat) – District Leadership Training
Ø  April 20th (Fri) – District Bland Contest (ODU’s Chandler Hall)

Ø  April 22nd (Sun) – Visionwalk (31st Street Park)

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