S&H Van

The Sight and Hearing Van is a 24-D district wide use vehicle for approx 30 Lions clubs throughout the Tidewater region. Please see

The mission of the Sight and Hearing Van is to operate and maintain, for the benefit of the public generally, without charge, a mobile unit to conduct screening tests to assist in early detection of sight and hearing defects. District 24-D Lions Clubs are encouraged to use the Van as often as practical.

The Sight and Hearing Van is 38 feet long, 10 feet wide and nearly 12 feet high. It is the biggest vehicle built by Winnebago and was specially constructed for this use. Self contained power is available or it can use external power. The unit is air conditioned throughout. It is equipped with state of the art vision and hearing screening devices capable of easily being used by Lions operating the unit. There are two visual, two hearing, and two glaucoma testing stations. Space is also provided for use by nurses performing diabetic or other screening. Special drivers are assigned to move the unit to the screening location.

To use the van the following volunteers are required to operate it at 100%:
2 persons for hearing booths.
2 persons for glaucoma testing.
2 persons for visual acuity testing.
1 person for check-in/check-out of participants.
1 certified person for diabetes screening (special request needs to be made for the kit).

The van’s lights and instruments can be operated from a standard 115 volt AC outlet, and we carry enough extension cord to reach about 150 feet. If you wish to operate the air conditioning, you will need to have access to a 30 or 50 amp 220 volt outlet (this is unlikely) or run the generator.

Virginia Lions District 24-D
“Sight and Hearing Conservation is our primary activity.”

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