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2012 - The Thalia Princess Anne High School Leo Club was in existence for two years, Dec 3, 2009 – Dec 2011. Thalia’s main problem was not getting support from Princess Anne High School faculty advisors. Future continuation of the Thalia Princess Anne High School Leo Club will be the club’s objective if faculty advisors can be found to energize students for their volunteer credit hours. Thalia Lion Bob Donnelly’s hard work in organizing the club is deeply appreciated.

The 2010/11 Princess Anne High School Leo Club’s first activity was a visit to the Ronald McDonald House, Norfolk, Jan 19, 2010, for pizza, video, and a tour. Three Leos attended (left to right) Sixtine Abrial (partial view), Selina Lara (black and white striped scarf), and John Delosreyes. They received information about providing a dinner at a future date. For the 2010/11 year there are 12 Leo member. Shelby Richardson (below photo - top row, far right) was elected president. Lion Bob Perrine (far right, blue shirt) is the Thalia Club Advisor for the Leo Club.

Princess Anne High School Leo Club Charter Members 2009/2010 Year
Sponsored by Thalia Lions Club
1st row (bottom left to right): Amy Abernathy, Laura Culbreath, Selina Lara, Haley Bobadilla, Charlese Dalton, and Amber Kendall
2nd row: John Watters (Thalia Lions Club One-Year Director), Nancy Watters (Thalia Lions Club Secretary), Stan Furman (24D Lions Club Zone E-East Chairman), Jeri Furman (Thalia Lions Club Lion Tamer), Bob Perrine (President Thalia Lions), Bob Donnelly (Thalia Leo Club Advisor), and Gary Rapier (24D District Governor)
3rd row: Georgia McKown, Nicole Northam, Liz Connor, John Delos Reyes, Jae Han, and Shelby Richardson (2010-11 President Leo Club),

On Dec 3rd, 2009 the Princess Anne High School Leo Club held its chartering and installation of twelve officers and members. The newest 24D Leo Club is sponsored by the Thalia Lions Club, chartered 43½ years ago. Princess Anne High School becomes the newest and sixth active high school Leo Club in the 24D District [Lafayette, Lancaster, Poquoson, Western Branch, and Jamestown].

The induction ceremony was hosted by 24D District Governor Gary Rapier, First Vice District Governor Donna Weiler, and Princess Anne High School Leo Club Sponsors Adrienne James and Joseph Panchik.

In recognition of Thalia Club Lion Bob Donnelly’s hard work in organizing the Princess Anne High School Leo Club, District Governor Gary Rapier wrote the following congratulations to Lion Bob Donnelly. “I wanted to send you a note to thank you for all your efforts and time in coordinating the formation of this new Leo Club at Princess Anne High School. Through your dedication and efforts, many young adults will get the opportunity to see what community service does and its impact on those we reach. Lasting impressions will be made and hopefully future civic leaders will be born out of this group of young adults. I wish you much joy as you mentor and guide these young Lions into active service and watch them as they change the world, one service event at a time. I look forward to meeting all of them and hearing about their great adventures in the Service of their school and their community.”

On September 24, 2009 fourteen Leo Club members of Princess Anne High School - http://www.princessannehs.vbschools.com/ launched the 8th and newest Leo Club under District 24D. This marks a historic event for the Thalia Lions Club chartered 33 years ago on April 20th 1966 under Lions of Virginia, District 24 D, Region III, Zone “E.”

Thalia Leo Club Advisor:
Lion Robert Perrinely
Princess Anne High School Faculty Advisors:
Ms Adrienne James - tel 729-8126 Adrienne.James@vbschools.com
Joseph Panchik - joseph.panchik@vbschools.com

• Leo Clubs are youth organizations of Lions Clubs International as sponsored by local Lion clubs. The word L E O stands for Leadership, Experience, Opportunity. It is the World's largest youth organization. Currently the Thalia Lions club is not sponsoring a Leo Club but invites its members to consider getting involved. Sponsoring a Leo club inspires Lions club members through involvement with their community’s youth. The sponsoring Lions club is responsible for guiding and counseling its Leo club. There are two types of Leo clubs, community-based (members would all be from the local Thalia area) and school-based (members would be from Princes Anne High School, ODU or TCC).

Forming a New Leo Club - for information see

* Leo clubs are an affiliation of Lions clubs. Leo clubs cannot exist without the approval of a Lions club sponsor.

* Leos work with their sponsoring Lions club to help communities address unmet needs. * The Leo Club Program offers two club types, a two-track approach, and involves a financial obligation.

* Lions clubs interested in sponsoring a Leo club can follow step by step directions on preliminary procedures, organizing a new club, and launching the club.

* Club Type - There are two types of Leo clubs, community-based and school-based, and all Leo clubs must be sponsored by a Lions club.
- Community-based club - members are all from the local area.
- School-based club - members are all from the same school or college and must have permission from their principal or activities officer.
* Club Track - The Leo Club Program offers a two-track approach to better help the needs of club members: Alpha and Omega. All Leo clubs must declare their club as either Alpha or Omega Leo Clubs. Track specific materials will be mailed to each club.
- Alpha Track – for youth between the ages of 12 and the legal age of majority in their country. This track focuses on the individual and social development of teens and pre-teens.
- Omega Track – for youth between the legal age of majority in their country and an age deemed appropriate by the multiple district. This track focuses on the personal and professional development of young adults.

* Financial Obligation: The Leo club organization fee is $100, a one-time fee and includes:
- The costs involved in processing the Leo club application
- A certificate of organization
- A Leo club officers' kit
- A Leo club sponsor kit
- l 20 Leo new member kits (including lapel pins, membership cards, and certificates, a welcome letter, and Leo decals) for the first 20 members of the club
- If there are more than 20 originating members in the new Leo club, each additional member is assessed the new member fee of $5 and provided with a new member kit. This fee is charged to the sponsoring Lions club at the time of certification (in addition to the $100 Leo club organization fee).
- Lions clubs are also responsible for the annual Leo club sponsor levy of $90. The levy pays for Leo Club Program materials, mailings, club record maintenance, communications, awards, and Web site maintenance. The annual sponsor levy is pro-rated for clubs certified within the fiscal year.
- If a Leo club is canceled, a notice in writing must be sent to the Youth Programs

* Preliminary Procedures
- Step 1: Request a free Organization Kit from the Youth Programs Department.
- Step 2: Arrange a meeting with Lions club members to explain the responsibilities of Leo club sponsors. Explain that every Leo club must have an advisor. This advisor must be a Lion who enjoys working with young people. School-based Leo clubs often require a teacher or school administrator to serve as co-advisor.
- Step 3: Appoint three or more Lions to serve on a Leo club committee.
- Step 4: Determine if the new Leo club will operate in conjunction with a local school, church, or other community group. Often, outside agencies require the appointment of their own club leader or advisor. This agency must agree to fulfill Leo Club Program responsibilities.
- Step 5: Obtain the names of potential Leos from schools, houses of worship, youth groups, and friends and relatives of Lions club members.

* Organizing a New Club
- Step 1: Announce the day and date for a Leo club formation meeting. Inform local young people about this meeting through notices sent to schools, religious youth groups, community programs, and the local media.
- Step 2: The organization meeting should explain the philosophy of the Leo Club Program. Lions should be prepared to answer questions concerning: requirements for Leo club membership, the relationship to the sponsoring Lions club, and activities undertaken by Leos.
- Step 3: Distribute the Application for Membership. Leo leaders can then submit: a signed Leo Club Organization Report and the Leo club organization fee of $100 to the Youth Programs Department at international headquarters. Only registered Leo clubs will receive a Leo club charter and Leo membership materials.
- Step 4: After review of the applications by Lions, the new Leos can vote to accept:
(1) The original members.
(2) The Leo Club Constitution and Bylaws.
(3) Club officers.
(4) A specified amount of money for member fees.

* Launching the Club
- Step 1: Plan the Installation Ceremony. Together, the Leo club officers and Lions on the Leo Advisory Committee plan the Leo installation ceremony as outlined in the Leo Club Officer Installation and New Member Initiation.
- Step 2: Ceremony Invites. Invitees to the ceremony should include:
(1) Lions club members.
(2) Parents and friends of the new Leo club members.
(3) Representatives of outside agencies such as schools, religious youth groups, or community programs.
(4) Lions and Leo district officers.
(5) Local media representatives.
- Step 3 – The Ceremony. The highest-ranking Lions official presents the Leo Certificate of Organization to the club officers and the Leo club members receive their new member kits.

Suggested Activities for the 2010/11 Year (not necessarily in any particular order)
* Provide a dinner at the Ronald McDonald House (Norfolk) for families with children facing medical challenges in local hospitals (weekend) - see http://www.rmhcnorfolk.com/
* International Leo project suggestions – see http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/our-work/youth-programs/leo-clubs/leo-club-activities.php .
* Visit the Lions Eye Glass Recycling Center in Chesapeake, VA. (weekend). Learn how to wash and grade glasses - see http://thalialions.blogspot.com/2009/03/donate-eyeglasses-and-hearing-aids.html
* Help out young children at the Lions' Diabetes Family Camp at the Triple R Ranch in Chesapeake for diabetic children early May 2011 (weekend) -
see http://hamptonroads.com/2009/03/family-camp-teaches-skills-deal-type-1-diabetes
* Establish a Princess Anne High School awareness program for the hearing impaired through guest visits by a member of the Coalition for Hearing, Education and Research (CHEAR) program http://chearvirginia.com; Southeastern Virginia Society of the Deaf (http://www.vbdeaf.com/Southeastern_Virginia_Society_f/About_SVSD.html ; and/or the American Sign Language and Interpreter Education Program at Tidewater Community College. (http://www.tcc.edu/news/experts/topic.php?expertise=127
* Twin with a Lions club in Skopje St. Pantelejmon, Macedonia. Provide email contact with the Thalia Lions sister club learning about their culture – see http://thalialions.blogspot.com/2009/03/twinning-committee.html
* Get involved in a “Save the Bay Project” (weekend) – see http://www.cbf.org/Page.aspx?pid=195 . Activities might include, beach clean-up around the Pier Café with donations from them / free lunch, dune grass planting, etc. (weekend)
* Get involved with “Lynnhaven River NOW.” They have several volunteer programs for high school students (weekend) - see http://www.lynnhavenrivernow.org/ .
* Sponsor a picnic for children of the Hampton Roads Chapter of Virginia Parents of the Visually Impaired. Help blind kids on playground equipment at the new play ground for visually impaired at Rude Inlet on the beach (weekend) – see http://thalialions.blogspot.com/2009/03/vision-impaired-children.html
* Environmental Project. Last year 24D District Governor Lion Gary asked us to plant a Ginkgo tree (which Thalia did) as symbolic of Lionism growth. We would welcome a continuation of this activity, perhaps tree planting in around Princess Anne High School or some other environmental project.
See http://thalialions.blogspot.com/2009/03/ginkgo-tree-committee.html .
* Help Thalia Lions with one of our service projects.
- Currently we have a food drive underway for the Samaritan House. They have 12 shelters for the battered and abused.
- We have adopted Bonney Road under the City of Virginia Beach Clean Community Program Adopt-A-Programs and pick up trash once a month on a Saturday morning.
- White Cane Days - The Thalia Lions Club collects money at the Birchwood Shopping Center in front of BJ'S Wholesale Club two times a year.
See http://thalialions.blogspot.com/2009/03/white-cane-days.html
- Broom Blind-Made Sales - The Thalia Lions Club sells brooms at the Birchwood Shopping Center two times a year. See http://thalialions.blogspot.com/2009/03/broom-sales.html
- Thalia provides a $1,000 Scholarship to a Princess Anne Senior on his/her way to college. Your involvement in this program would be welcome.
- Thalia is in the process of converting our website http://thalialions.blogspot.com/ to a better one http://www.thalialions.org/home and could use help.
* Sponsor an in-school program. Thalia will provide a resource for either a club meeting or after school advertised event. Some resources are as follows:
- Barbara Benson, RN, Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters “Healthy You” weight management program for highschool students struggling against type 2 diabetes – see http://www.chkd.org/Services/HealthyYou .
- Vetshouse Serving Homeless Veterans - see http://www.vetshouseinc.org/ .
- Pleasure House Point Public Land preservation involvement – see http://www.tpl.org/tier3_cd.cfm?content_item_id=23667&folder_id=632 .
- Insight Enterprises – learning how to address and assist a person with a disability – see http://articles.dailypress.com/keyword/insight-enterprises .
- St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children, Norfolk. Plan a Saturday field trip to their home - see http://www.saintmaryshome.org/

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