District 24 – D Achievement Contest
July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014

To receive points, each achievement item must be reported on the Monthly Achievement Form and submitted with the MMR. A copy of the Monthly Achievement Form must be sent to the: District Governor, Donnie Johnson ( ),
1st Vice District Governor, Pamela Kidwell ( );
2nd Vice District Governor, ( );
Cabinet Secretary, Sharene Nolan ( );
Achievement Chairperson, PDG Debbie Ivey ( );
Global Membership Chairperson, Linda Gregory ( ), and the club’s respective Region and Zone Chairpersons.

I. Administrative Maximum Points

A.  Pay 1st International Dues prior to July 31, 2013 - 100

B.  Pay 2nd International Dues prior to January 31, 2014      - 100

C.  Pay Virginia State Dues prior to January 1, 2014 - 100

D.  Membership Reports & Achievement Reports filed & rec’d by the last day of the month [25 points for each report each month] -  mail or emailed -  50/month

E.  Name & email addresses of Club Membership, Sight, Hearing, Diabetes, and Public Relation Chairperson submitted to respective District Chairperson prior to July 31, 2013 [20 points for each Chairperson’s name] - 100

F.  Prepare Club Activities & Administrative Budgets and submit to DG prior to July 31, 2013 [50 points each] -  100 after July 31, 2013 [25 points each] - 50

G.  File Club Officers Report (formerly called PU-101) electronically with Lions Club International prior to April 30, 2014 - 200

H.  Submit appropriate IRS tax form: 990, 990EZ or 990N by November 15th 2013.  Copy of IRS acceptance email sent to DG and  Cabinet Treasurer -  200

I.  Submit State Achievement Report to District Governor & Cabinet Secretary prior to June 30, 2014 -100

J.  Submit Lions International Monthly Activity Report prior to  end of month in addition to District Monthly Activity Report -  200 per month

II.   Attendance

A.  Attendance of club President & Secretary at their Region / Zone meetings.  [100 points each officer per meeting, Proxies -25 points each per meeting]- open

B.  Attendance of club members at any Region/ Zone meeting excluding President and Secretary -  50 points per member - open

C.  Attendance at Fall Conference [200 points for each registered member] open

D.  Attendance at 24-D Governor’s Social   [200 points for each registered member] open

E.  Attendance at District, State or International level Leadership Training [incoming Club President, Secretary, & Treasurer [100 points for each officer & all other members 50 points each] open

F.  Attendance at a New Member Orientation [100 points each new member] open

G.  Attendance at State Convention in May 2014 [200 points per registered member] open

H.  Attendance at meetings of Charity Foundation, Eye Bank,  Sight & Hearing Unit, Eye Glass Recycling, Lions of Virginia Foundation [LOVF], Hearing Foundation and Bland Foundation, Bid n Buy.  [50 points each club represented] plus [10 points for each member]  open

I.  Attendance at District meetings [100 points for each club represented, plus [10 points for each member] open

J.  Attendance at International Convention [500 points for each member] open

K.  Attendance at USA/Canada Forum in Sept 2013 [500 points for each member] open

L.  Club holding a meeting at the Lions Medical Eye Bank with a tour - 500

III.  Membership

A.  Submit membership Goals with action plan to achieve goals to DG, Cabinet Secretary, District Global Membership (GMT) Chairperson and respective Zone Chairperson by July 31, 2013 - 200

B.  New member reported on MMR [350 points] - open

C.  Members reinstated within 6 months reported on MMR [200 points] - open

D.  Transfer member’s form & records forwarded to new club [50 points] -open

E.  Transferred in members reported on MMR [50 points] open

F.  Members dropped for any reason other than death or transfer (Subtract 150 points if Lion for over 2 years, (Subtract 300 points if Lion for less than 2 years) open

G.  New members earning Proud Lion Award [100 points] open

H.  New member’s sponsor earning Proud Sponsor Award [100 points] open

I.  Club having an increase on MMR by June 30, 2014 of 10%  - 1000

J.  Club organizing & implementing a new branch club with 10 or more new members - 1000

K.  Club organizing & sponsoring a new Lions Club (split if by 2 or more clubs) - 3000

L.  Club organizing & sponsoring a new Leo club (split if by 2 or more clubs) - 1000

IV.  Contributions/Support from Activities Funds.  Club may claim once per year for each contribution based on total membership as of June 30, 2013.  The total amount contributed MUST be stated on the Achievement Report. 


A.  District 24-D DG designated charity (To be Determined)*

B.  District 24-D LAMP/RAM (Line 248) - 500

C.  District 24-D PediaVision (Line 212) - 500

D.  District 24-D Diabetes Camp (Line 232) - 500

E.  John M. White Youth Camp/Youth Exchange - 500

F.  District 24-D Burkeville Lodge (Line 218) - 500

G.  District 24-D Leader Dogs for the Blind (Line 216) - 500

H.  District 24-D Bland Music Contest (Line 240)  - 500

I.  District 24-D Food bank/Shelters (Line 244) - 400

J.  MD24 Bland Foundation/Scholarship - 400

K.  District 24-D Journey for Sight (Line 214) - 300

L.   Club Contributions to LCF Bid N Buy (items or money donations) - 300

M.  Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center for 24-D - 200***

N.  Lions Mobile Sight & Hearing Unit of 24-D, Inc - 200***

O.  Lions Medical Eye Bank of Eastern Virginia, Inc - 200

P.  Lions Charity Foundation of 24-D (LCF) Not specific to Bid N Buy - 200***

Q.  Edward M. “Moon” Kosjer Endowment for Indigent Sight Care - 200***

R.  District 24-D Sight Conservation (Line 210) - 200

S.  District 24-D Youth Outreach (Line 242) - 200

T.  District 24-D Hearing Conservation (Line 220) - 100

U.  District 24-D ALERT/Disaster (Line 250) - 100

V.  Other DG approved Charitable Donations - 100

W.  Lions Hearing Foundation of Virginia -  100***

X.  Lions of Virginia Foundation (LOVF) - 100***

Y.  District 24-D Diabetes General (Line 230) - 100

Z.  District 24-D Answering Service (Line 246) $25.0 - 250

*Line item A is a designated charity that the District Governor may announce from time to time in an attempt to help a specific project or function of the District.  The District Governor may also impose a designated time limit, point value, or contribution limit.

Line Items B through Y. Donations are based on a per member basis up to the maximum points allowed for that line item.  $1.00/ member = 100 points, $2.00/ member = 200 points, $3.00/ member = 300 points, $4.00/ member = 400 points, $5.00/ member 500 points. Line Item Z. A one-time donation of $25, earns a club 250 points.

***NOTE:  Purchase of a fellowship or award is covered in Paragraph IX below and cannot be claimed under this paragraph.

V. Contributions/Support From Administrative Funds


A.  District 24-D Newsletter Subscription/Advertising (Line 126) - 500

B.  Club Purchase new Bell, Gavel, Banner, Flag for new Leo, Branch, or Chartered Club 1 Point per $1.00 spent/contributed. - open

C.  District 24-D Parade & Float (Line 120) - open

D.  District 24-D Public Relations (Line 122) - open

E.  District 24-D History (Line 128) - 200

F.  District 24-D Website Maintenance (Line 124) $25.0 - 100

Line item B  Donations are based on 1 point for each $1 contributed up to the maximum points allowed for that line item.  $30 = 30 points, $100 = 100 points, Line item C and D. Donations are based on 1 point for each $2 contributed up to the maximum points allowed for that line item.  $30 = 15 points, $100 = 50 points, Line Item F.  A one-time donation of $25, earns a club 100 points.

VI. Projects – Service

A. Sight Conservation

1.  Club provides eye surgery for a needy person [500 points per surgery] -           open

2.  Club provides funds for new Leader Dog for a needy person in their area. Must submit name of recipient-1 point per $1.0 contributed -  open

3.  Club pays for exams &/or eye glasses [25 points each for exam / glasses] - open

4.  Club working with Journey for Sight [25 points for each member participating] - open

5.  Collection of used eye glasses [1 point for each pair sent to 24-D Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center]  - 0pen

6.  Club utilizes the LAMP Trailer for Screenings [500 points per day] - open

7.  Club provides Lions Sight & Hearing Unit [500 points per day] - open
(only 300 points can be claimed if using a free voucher) 

8.  Club members work at Lions Sight &/or Hearing Screenings.
(S&H Van or LAMP Trailer)  [25 points per member per hour] - open

9.  Club members work at Lions Virginia Eye Glass Recycling Centers, Inc.
[25 points per member per hour]  - open

10.  Sight & Hearing Unit driver’s club (100 points per day) - open

11.  Club provides eye screening for pre-school children (10pts per child) - open

12.  Club members work eye screening for pre-school children with another club [25 points per hour per member] - open

13.  Club sponsors a Blind event [fishing, rafting, etc -500 points per event] - open

14.  Other sight conservation projects [100 points – limit 5 per month] - open

15.  Collection and Delivery of Children’s Books for Head Start Program -  100 pts/mo

16. Reading to Children at a library or group environment - 200 pts/session

B. Hearing Conservation

1.  Club provides ear surgery for a needy person [500 points per surgery] - open

2.  Club provides hearing aids for a needy person [150 points each] - open

3.  Club collects used hearing aids [50 points per hearing aid] - open

4.  Other hearing conservation projects [100 points]  - open

C.  Diabetes Detection/Education

1.  Club provides a blood sugar screening event [150 points per day] -  open

2.  Club provides a blood sugar testing strips (minimum 50) for needy person [100 points per bottle of 50 strips]  -  open

3.  Club member is certified annually as a blood sugar (diabetes) screener [100 points per member per year] -  open

4.  Certified diabetes screener work diabetes screening event [25 points per member per hour]  - open

5.  Sponsorship for child or parent at District 24-D Diabetes Camp [200 points each] - open

6.  Other diabetes projects [100 points – limit 3 per month] - open

D.  Youth Outreach

1.  Club members host or sponsor a youth exchange student [500 points for hosting each foreign student] [1000 points for sponsoring each US student going overseas] -  open

2.  Club hosts or co-hosts a John M.White Youth Camp event -  500

3.  Club sponsors or co-sponsors a James Bland Music contest -  500

4.  Club conducts a peace poster contest [300 points per school] - open

5.  Club continued annual LEO Club sponsorship [once per year] -  500

6.  Other Youth Outreach projects [Scouts, Mentoring, Leo’s, Lion’s Quest, etc [100 points each] open

E.  Environmental. 

1.  Club/individuals participate in the Adopt-A-Highway, Adopt-A-Spot, Adopt-A-Garden Program [100 points per clean up] -          open

2.  Club conducts an Environmental Project (other than Adopt-A-Highway) [100 points each project] open

3.  Club plants 1 tree to celebrate each new member [300 points] open

4.  Club plants 1 tree to honor Deceased Member [300 points] open

5.  Club conducts community organized, tidal/coastal clean up - 500

F.  Community Service Projects

1.  Club assists local Food bank or shelters during the recording month (25 points per hour per Lion assisting at Food Bank or Shelter) and/or (1 point per food item donated) open

2.  Club conducts a World Service Day project -            200

3.  Club participates in the Adopt-A-School program. Report name of school on the Achievement Report form [100 points for each event] - open

4. Club conducts a major service project [100 points each - describe event, Cost, & hours per Lion] open

G. Medical Outreach

1. Club participates in a LAMP medical outreach project within District 24-D

[100 points per member] open

2. Club participates in LAMP/RAM in Wise County [200 points per member/day]         open

3. Club member volunteers at medical Clinic. [50 points per day] open

4. Club provides supplies to medical Clinic or Shelter [50 points per donation] open

 VII. Projects – Fund Raisers (Report amounts on Achievement Report)

A.  White Cane

1.  Conduct a community fund raiser/White Cane Day [100 points each] open

2.  Submit White Cane data to White Cane Chairperson within 10 days of event (Verified) [50 points per report] -  open

B. Conduct a Lions Broom sale, [25 points per $100.00 of products sold] -           open

C. Conduct a LOVF raffle [50 points for selling 10 tickets per active member] - [Plus 1 point for each ticket sold over 10 tickets per member] open

D. Other activity fund raising events exceeding $200.00 [200 points per day - report type of event & amount earned] Each type of event may be reported only once per month -         open

E. Club volunteers at the LPGA in support of the Lions Charity Foundation of 24-D
[25 points per member/per day (4 hr minimum)]  - open

F. Club volunteers at the Lions Charity Foundation of 24-D Bid n 'Buy event [25 points per member]  open

VIII. Programs

A.  Any program provided by or approved by a chairperson in the directory. - 50

B.  Any other program of interest to the community.  -  25

IX.  Information and Fellowship

A.  Print & distribute club bulletin to members with copy furnished to DG, both VDGs, Bulletin Chairperson, Zone & Region Chairpersons [limit one per month] -  50

B.  Club provides and maintains a web site [500 points per set up, plus100 points per month] open

C.  Club provides and maintains a social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) site [250 points to set up and 50 points per month] - open

D.  Joint club meeting [50 points for each separate meeting with a different club] - open
[Traveling Leo visits are excluded]

E.  Joint Service Projects by 2 or more clubs [25 points per member per day] - open

F.  Traveling Leo visits [50 points for each visit to another club] - open

G.  Club hosts a Traveling Leo Visit [25 points per club hosted] - open

H.  Honor club members or a community citizen with a Melvin Jones Fellowship
[1000 points per Fellowship] - open

I.  Honor club members or a community citizen with LOVF 
Humanitarian Fellowship [750 points per Fellowship] -  open

J.  Honor Club Member or Community citizen with a Hearing Foundation Elbyrne G. Gill Fellowship [750 points per fellowship]   - open

K.  Honor club members or a community citizen with District 24-D Charity Foundation Good Samaritan Fellowship [500 points per fellowship] - open

L.  Honor Club Members or Community citizen with a LMSHU John D. Parks Fellowship [500 points per Fellowship] - open

M.  Individual Lion Donates to LCIF. (Non MJF) [25 points per member per $20] open

X. Public Relations

A.  Radio coverage or TV bulletin of a single club’s event [50 points per event] open

B.  Publicize or advertise club activities in the local newspaper. 
[Provide a copy of the Article with Achievement Report -25 points per article] open

C.  Live TV coverage of a single club event - 200

D.  Club members displaying Lions emblem in their car window [10 points per member]
[Points can only be claimed once between July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014] -            open

E.  Club members displaying Virginia Lions logo license plates on their cars [50 points Per car] [Points can only be claimed once between July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014] open

F.  Club sponsors the district float to participate in a parade to promote Lionism - 500

G. Club members participating in a parade with the float &/or Lions’ banner [25 points per member] open

H.  Club displays Lion signs and Logo during Service Project (Other than clothing/apparel logos) [75 points each event]   - open

I.  Club twins with a club in another district/country. Report name of twinning club on Achievement Report - 200

J.  Club distributes club brochure @ fundraiser or Service Event [100 points] open

Clubs are automatically enrolled in District 24-D’s Achievement Contest. A Governor’s Achievement Contest award will be presented to any Lions club achieving over 8,000 points. A first, second, and third place plaque will be presented to the top 3 Lions Clubs achieving the most points (Net) per member based upon the total club membership as of June 30, 2013 and gross points for the 2013 – 2014 year. A first, second, and third place plaque will be presented to the top 3 Lions Clubs achieving the most points (Gross) as of June 30, 2014.

Questions concerning points earned should be addressed to District Achievement Chairperson. Controversies will be resolved by DG Donnie Johnson. Clubs will be recognized for their accomplishments at the District meeting at the Fall Conference or 1st Cabinet Meeting in 2014.

Club Secretaries – The official Achievement Report Form is the only form that will be accepted for this program. No other format will be accepted. Please total all points earned on the monthly Achievement Report Form before forwarding the report to the Achievement Program Chairperson.

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